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The foreUP App Store

Even within your own golf business operation, unique needs for technology exist.

It’s understandable. Each user interacts with your business software differently, for different reasons. Thus, each person or area has a different perspective on what an all-inclusive golf management system should include.

If you didn’t know by now, we want to meet all your needs—effectively and efficiently, and we want to make it easy while we’re at it.

But there’s a problem with trying to be everything to everyone… It’s impossible to do!

To make everyone happy, we must choose one of the following:

1. Neglect the core value of our product to add in small nuances that are only used by a couple of courses.

2. Raise costs high enough to support every possible need from any course, while still heavily supporting our core value.

3.  Empower other technologies to work in tandem with our software, so everyone has access to every functionality they could need.

We have determined the third option is the most beneficial for our customers.

That’s why, historically, we’ve built foreUP with an open API, which means you can elect to allow 3rd party technologies to communicate back and forth with the data in your foreUP system.

This year, we’ve taken it a step further.


Our Open API Just Went Pro

foreUP has begun to seek out and build partnerships with other leading technologies in the industry, to provide highly integrated functionality between their tools and the foreUP platform.

To house these integrations and allow you to browse available integrations, we’ve created an App Store within your foreUP software.

iMac 27_appstore

Here, you can view currently available integrations, learn more about each application, request information, and even enable any integration you find valuable.*appstore_ipad

Some types of partner apps you may see soon:

  • Events
  • Tournaments
  • Sales Insights
  • Pace of Play
  • Player Insights
  • Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media
  • Purchasing

App Store & Partnerships FAQ

As you read through the Q and A, ask yourself: Are there technologies you’d like to see us integrate with? Do you have a unique need we can help you meet by finding a great integrated technology? We want to hear from you. Email to start a conversation with our partner team. 

Q: Are you selling my data??
A: We would never sell your data. 3rd party applications only have access to the data you choose to give them access to.

Q: Are any integrations active right now?
A: No integration is live until or unless you manually activate them through the App Store. Depending on the provider of the application, it may require signing an agreement with the 3rd party or completing another activation process.social_blog

Q: Are the apps free?
A: Not all of them, but some will be. We currently have one free app: Golf DataTech. It can be turned on with one click in the App Store. It aggregates your inventory data and sends updates to your course with insight regarding trends in your sales, allowing you to make smarter business decisions for your Pro Shop.

Q: Why integrate applications rather than just build new features?
A: We recognize that sometimes a course may require a specific, advanced tool for a need they are experiencing. So, rather than try to be the expert at everything any course may ever need, we want to support our partners in the industry while helping you access the tools that will make a difference for your business. If they can do it better than we can, we feel it’s our responsibility to enable you to choose that solution.

Q: Are you still working on improvements to foreUP?
A: You know it. Our goal is to make our platform as intuitive and pain-free as possible, so you never get stuck. We’ve created the store to give you added functionality that is better provided by an external solution.

Q: How do I use an application?
A: All apps are different, but you can find the library of existing apps in our App Store. To learn more, click through their icon. Some applications require manual activation from a representative of the 3rd party, and others can be turned on by Admins right within the App Store page.

Q: What if the app I want isn’t there?
A: Because of our open API, you can allow any technology to build their own integration into your foreUP account. However, we would love to do the leg work for you. Send an email to with the type of tool you’re looking for, or even a specific software you’d like to see us partner with. We’d love to start the conversation with you. blog_image

Q: Are more integrations coming?
A: Yes, we are working on many more integrations to be released over the coming months and years.

Q: Does this mean that foreUP is being or has been sold?
A: No, we are not being acquired. This is just another way we are working to improve your experience. We want to give you more ways to be efficient, and we feel working with other companies allows us to do that. These are partnerships–not acquisitions.

Q: Do integrations get my data?
A: Only 1) if you activate them, and 2) if it is part of the application’s user agreement. No data of any kind is shared until you activate an integration. Data is kept only for use with the API, so if you choose to remove the application or integration the data will also be removed from said 3rd party.

Q: What’s an open API?
A: In plain English, an API is the set of rules that determine if and how third parties can communicate with its data. When an API for one system is “open”, it means the rules are set to grant public access for third parties.

With foreUP, this allows you to enable other technologies you’re using to communicate with the data in your foreUP system, making your software experience much more seamless.

Partnerships in our App Store have varying degrees of integration, depending on the 3rd party provider. Details can be found for each listed integration in the App Store.

*To prevent accidental activation, apps in the foreUP App Store can only be enabled by Admin users for your foreUP account.