The Truth About Cloud-based Golf Management Software

Find out how your golf course can benefit by switching to cloud-based management.

Welcome to the 21st century! Today, we use small, portable computers to do nearly all of our everyday tasks. Thanks to smartphones, you can buy movie tickets, book haircuts, make dinner reservations, and much more without uttering a single word. 

Golf lovers can celebrate too because booking a tee time has never been easier. Golf course and club operators now have access to cloud-based golf management software tools that offer powerful online booking options, easy access to the software, all-in-one solutions, and much more.

What Golf Operators Need to Know

When you’re new to the world of cloud-based golf management software, the entire concept can be pretty intimidating. While the techy-sounding jargon and terminology might make you wary of adopting the technology, the overall concept is actually fairly simple.  

What does “cloud-based” even mean?

Using the cloud means that your digital data is stored online rather than being stored in a local computer at your business. So cloud-based golf management software is software that lives online, making it accessible from any device, wherever you are, so long as you have internet access. This also means you won’t have a server installed at your facility. In short, cloud-based software just means your software is always online and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Why do golf operators prefer cloud-based tools?

The list of benefits is pretty extensive when it comes to cloud-based management software. The specific changes that will happen at your golf course or club will vary depending on your existing setup and management tools. But whether you’re using traditional pen-and-paper organization or a non-cloud-based software platform, you’ll see some big differences and improvements fairly quickly after making the switch to cloud-based golf management software.

  • More tee times booked.
    • According to foreUP’s data, over 7,000,000 tee times had been booked online through foreUP between January and May 2022. If your course doesn’t have 24-hour online booking capabilities, you’re likely missing out on a massive number of bookings on your tee sheet. 
  • More new clients.
    • foreUP provides marketing tools, website services, and customer database tracking. These cloud-based offerings have been proven to increase a course’s online visibility and in turn, bring in new golfers that wouldn’t have known about a facility otherwise. 
  • More services for less. 
    • Old-school software providers typically specialize in one thing. With foreUP’s cloud-based golf management software, you’ll get everything you need for your business with one provider, saving you time, money, and brainpower.
  • Better support for your business. 
    • By utilizing the cloud, foreUP software doesn’t require your business to install a bulky server on-site. That also means no expensive maintenance costs for you, minimal outages, and remote client support that is always available. Any issue you face will be handled by foreUP’s in-house professionals that can view your system from anywhere. 
  • More flexible control.
    • With cloud-based management, you don’t have to be on-site to keep track of your business. Maybe you’re on vacation, playing a round out of town — as long as you have access to the internet, you can log in to your foreUP system and check your data, whether that’s employee information, sales reports, your tee sheet, or something else. 

Just under 2,000 golf courses and clubs across North America have joined the foreUP family. Thanks to cloud-based golf management software, these businesses have seen increased bookings and revenue. Whether your course is public or private, hosts 9 holes or 36, cloud-based software can change things for the better. 


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