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How to Customize Tee Time Increment Settings

If you’re using the foreUP tee sheet, you probably already know that you can adjust the interval time between rounds for people who are scheduling online. This is a very simple task, and allows you to alleviate course congestion (which is very helpful when adhering to guidelines for social distancing.)

However, to use this feature more effectively, we encourage you to go into the settings to add a timeframe for the increased intervals you are implementing.

Increment Setting Timeframes

If you currently have your tee sheet Increment set to 10 minutes, every tee time that is booked from now to forever will follow that setting.

Technically, if you wanted to decrease congestion on the course, you could just go in and bump that up to 15 or 20 minutes. However, when done this way, the interval setting rule will apply if someone wants to book tomorrow OR if they are booking a few months in advance.

By going into the Increment Settings, you can set a “Start Date” and “End Date” for any interval setting you create. This immediately reflects on the tee sheet. If you are ready to end the increment setting early, it’s easy to adjust without compromising future tee times or tee sheets you have set up.

How to Adjust Increment Settings

1. Navigate to “Tee Sheets” in your Settings, and select the Tee Sheet you want to adjust.

2. Select the blue “Increment Settings” button. 

3. Create a label for the increment you are creating. In our example we’ve called it “Covid-19”.

4. Adjust the start and end dates to support your goal. Many of our courses are electing to push the increment changes through the end of May. This will mean that tee times scheduled for June will not follow these settings; at the end of May, your tee sheet will default to whatever you have int he “Increment” field for the tee sheet.

5. Save changes by selecting the blue button on the bottom right-hand corner.

We hope this setting keeps you more organized, and better prepared for the weeks and months ahead.

As with all the changes you make to your business during this time, we suggest broadcasting this change to your customers to help them feel safer and more responsible about making the decision to venture out for some much-needed exercise, fresh air, and enjoyment.