Using foreUP to Sell Online Passes & Gift Cards

With foreUP, you have the ability to sell gift cards online. Last week we updated this feature to allow you to also sell Passes online.

Subscriptions and Gift Cards

Online selling is great for efficiency in your Pro Shop. Rather than posting on social media or sending an email that tells your customers, “Give the Pro Shop a call to order a Season Pass or Punch Card!”, you simply give them a link to make the purchase online.

We prioritized adding Passes because we want to give courses the ability to add revenue channels.

Why would my customers want to buy a pass when we might not even be open? 

While it’s true that this may be a deterrent to some, we believe the large majority of your golf community wants you to succeed. They are anxious to help, however they can. Paying for tee times they will inevitably be using down the road is a great way to support you and support their habit.

If you’re hoping to drive even more cash, consider small promotions. Though we don’t necessarily promote discounting your rounds, offering a discount (10 for the price of 9) can go a long way. Who can resist a bargain?

Below are instructions for activating online pass selling. If you need any support, our teams are standing by!

Turning On Online Pass Sales

1. Go into your Pass in your Inventory.

2. There, you’ll now see an “e-commerce” tab.

3. Toggle the tab to “on”.

4. Type in any terms and conditions you want your customers to see upon viewing the Pass.

Promoting Your Online Sales

As you would with any promotion, we suggest you shout it from the rooftops. Or, at least, post it on social media and send an email to your database of customers. Simply let them know that they can quickly and easily buy a pass from their online portal.

Whether it’s business as usual or you’re selling a unique “COVID-19” promo pass, this new capability makes it simple to drive revenue without coming in contact with anyone at all.