foreUP November Newsletter – New foreUP Live! Training and More

As November draws to a close, foreUP has exciting updates, enhancements, and stories to share with you! Welcome the holiday season with a look at fascinating industry statistics from 2022 that might change how you think about your marketing efforts. Enjoy first-look insights into new product enhancements and check out our customer and partner highlights as you peruse the latest foreUP news – you heard it here first!


foreUP will be attending the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association (MGCOA) event 11/28 – 11/30. Let us know if you have questions about any foreUP products or services – we’d be happy to meet with you in-person at the show.

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For many of you the season is winding down and it’s time to reflect on this past season’s results and performance. foreUP wishes you all the best; we hope that you had a great season and improved on your results over last year. For many more of you the season is just about to begin – good luck for winter!

Some interesting 2022 statistics:

YTD Rounds – foreUP Courses -5%
YTD Revenues – foreUP Courses +6%
YTD Rounds foreUP Marketing Services Courses -3%
YTD Revenues foreUP Marketing Services Courses +9%
New Customer Acquisition (additions to your database) vs Prior -5%

**YTD Results through November 6th, 2022
** foreUP Courses represent 1,382 courses with year over year comps.
** foreUP Marketing Services courses represent 75 courses with year over year comps.

From these results, we can see that rounds of golf have declined but total revenues have gone up. So the increase in business for 2022 overall could be attributed to raising prices.

One way to finish out strong this year is to hold an amazing Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale. This sale is less than a month away but you can still capitalize on it!  Learn more about what we are doing for clients here

If you need a marketing push for 2023, you might want to take a look at what we are doing with our foreUP Ads Services product – Google Pay Per Click. Participating courses saw amazing results over the summer!

Results from August through October: Average Per Course

Impressions from Ads 144,319
Clicks to Website from Ads 5,031
Cost Per Click – CPC $.65
Tee Time Transactions from Ads 215
Calls from Ads 618
Tee Time Revenue from Ads $77,316
ROI – Return On Investment 32x


Fore more information on foreUP Ads Services click here

Thank you for partnering with foreUP in your success! As we come to the end of 2022, we want to make sure you are set up for success. As some of you are closing down the course for the winter season or prepping for next year, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember to turn off your online booking 
    • Turn off online booking or add recurring blocks to the tee sheet so that customers don’t show up on a closed day. This can be done by going to settings > online customer portal > online reservations > then switching off the Online Booking Setting
  • Sell online e-Gift cards 
    • This is the perfect time to start building excitement for the 2023 season by offering online e-Gift Cards. You can do this by going to the settings module > online customer portal > reservation view settings and selecting “Allow Gift Card Purchases Online”. 
  • Stay in touch with your customers during this off season
    • Let them know about promotions, membership opportunities, and events that you are still having. If you don’t know how to get started with off-season promotions, give us a call and we can show you what our Managed Marketing Service has to offer.

We are excited for the new season ahead of us. We have some great features that are coming down the pipeline that we know you will love! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Your own mobile app, completely customized to match your golf course and brand. 

Slate is the perfect solution for operators looking to increase customer engagement, promote tee times, tournaments, and events, reduce no-shows, and build their online reputation through automated review collection  – without the additional responsibility of building and supporting their own (expensive) app. Provide your customers with an unbeatable mobile experience at an affordable price with Slate!

Eliot Gouveia and foreUP had something in common a year and a half ago – they were both new to Aspen Lakes. The club had switched to foreUP the very week that Eliot started as Golf Pro – so he got to observe first-hand as Aspen Lakes grew into foreUP’s solutions, transitioning into a smooth, intuitive system before his eyes.

“When I got on this system and first started using it, I was like, ‘Wow, this is so easy,’ compared to IBS or EZLinks. There was such a learning curve with other solutions to learn how to do anything – but with foreUP it’s so easy to learn what to do. After a week I felt like I knew everything.”


Read the whole case study here!

Online Booking Updates:

  • foreUP is preparing to launch foreUP Online Checkout, a completely new online booking experience which features updated designs and several new features! This will be available to clients with foreUP Payments.
    • Updated Online Tee Sheet designs. Add a “tee sheet logo” to add a splash of branding to online tee times.
    • Updated Reservation Details designs. The pop up modal where golfers select the number of players, holes, and carts has been moved onto a page with updated designs. 
    • New check out flow which allows golfers to pay with a saved credit card, gift card, or raincheck! Split payments are supported, so golfers can pay for a $100.00 tee time with a $25.00 gift card and put the remaining $75.00 due on their credit card.
    • Different Rate for Online Prepayment. If online prepayment is marked as “optional” for a reservation group, offer a discounted rate to incentivize golfers to prepay for their tee time.
    • Setting to prevent refunding of booking fees when a golfer needs to cancel/refund a prepaid tee time. 

  • We have been hard working on design and experience updates on the tee sheet. 
    • New calendar navigation for mobile devices on the tee sheet. Click the date on the top of the tee sheet and a calendar modal will pop up and allow you to navigate to a new day on the tee sheet.
    • Checked in vs paid status. We added a new status on the tee sheet to show if someone has paid. This will help courses who are taking advantage of our pre-paid features. A golfer will show as paid with a green color then can be checked in when they arrive at the course. 
    • Moved tee sheet dashboard, settings, and online special buttons to the top right to free up space and for a cleaner look. 
    • Changes to icons to make seeing details easier. The number of holes will be displayed on the outside of the tile. 

    • foreUP Payments has recently had another release of features and capabilities! Billing Premier and the Link 2500 device is now available for anyone processing with foreUP Payments. 
  • foreUP Billing Premier capabilities with foreUP Payments:
    • Autopay for recurring billing
    • Online payments in the foreUP member portal
    • Single statement payment with payment method on file
    • Bulk pay with payment methods on file
    • Invoice payments
  • Link 2500 devices are now available with foreUP Payments allowing for mobile device payments. 
    • Simple setup in software with same process as Lane 3000
  • Connects to wifi networks, hotspots, and iPad hotspot

We’re here – live! – to assist you in getting the most out of your foreUP course management software, whether you’re new to 4UP or just need a refresher.

foreUP’s new Live! Training sessions were designed to help you level UP your marketing, ace your tee sheet, and turn bite-size food and beverage into big successes. Bring your questions – foreUP Implementation Specialists will be leading these trainings live to help you utilize foreUP to the fullest.

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