3 Key Components of Black Friday Marketing

We have free templates to make your Black Friday happen. But do you have a game plan?

We’ve given you the resources, and now we’re ready to give you the know-how. Content is important, but knowing how and when to use your promotional materials will make or break your holiday sale.



In order to promote a Black Friday Sale, you need just that: a sale.

foreUP Marketing Services has all the data on what sells best for Black Friday, and the comprehensive Planning Guide inside our Black Friday in a Box covers the how and why of creating an effective sale. 

Our data shows that these items sell well and are easy to market:

  • gift cards
  • lesson packages
  • discounted passes and memberships

But the possibilities are endless and you can customize your sale to best meet your course’s and customer’s needs.


Social Media

Social media can be a very effective marketing tool when used correctly – so our Black Friday in a Box kit comes filled with instructions, suggestions, and ready-to-use beautiful templates.

But the foreUP Resources Library and Blog is also packed with guidance on using social media to the fullest.

Look into these resources for more tips on promoting on social media like a pro:



In marketing, the term “cadence” means the pattern of your content (AKA what you’re promoting online) – when and how frequently your content is going out. Cadence can often be an afterthought or even a random decision, but pre-planning this strategy will ensure your content is appropriately spaced and engaging your customers at the right time.

If you have five scheduled emails, you should map out when each message will be delivered before you hit send on the first one.

Create a schedule! If possible, achieve maximum impact by scheduling through the foreUP software to automatically send emails at the exact right moment for your course.

Your plan might look something like this:

  • Email 1: Send on September 4th at 5 PM.
  • Email 2: Send on October 20th at 9 AM.
  • Email 3: Send on November 18th at 9 AM.

While this is just an example of a schedule, it communicates the kind of detail you should be looking to map out — your schedule should be thorough and prepared well before your Black Friday sale happens in order to get the word out early and maintain consistent communication with your customers.

This Black Friday will be your most lucrative yet if you plan early and effectively. If you’re ready to face this holiday event head-on, check out the free foreUP Black Friday in a Box for all the tools you need.

Interested in having a marketing professional take the reins? Talk to our foreUP Marketing Services team to see what they can do for you.