Tournament Management

Tournament Management Must-Haves

Creating an ecosystem of ease in your tournament space 

Tournaments are challenging enough. Weather worries, player potential, operational observations, budgetary blockers… there’s a litany of labor with your name already on it. 

So, if you’re a professional with “tournament” anything on your list of responsibilities, this blog post is for you. Thanks to our friends at BlueGolf, we know a thing or two about tournament management. Today we’re sharing with you the absolute must-have management means you need in your tournament toolbox.  

  1. Fast, flexible registration 

A secure, efficient registration system is paramount to a great player experience. Nobody wants to waste time trying to get frustrating reservations to work – golfers will walk away from the tournament before it even begins if the process is painful.  

  1. Engaging features like live leaderboards  

Tournaments are meant for the participating players as well as those viewing the proceedings from the sidelines. Tools like live streaming of leaderboards, pairings, and statistics to clubhouse or course TVs will keep your golfers AND your fans engaged for the entirety of the tournament – increasing satisfaction (and F&B sales!) 

  1. Live scoring for modern motivation 

Not every golfer wants a pen-and-paper scorecard; the modern tournament participant expects the capability to keep track of their score on-the-go. foreUP TM’s live scoring also allows golfers to sign their digital scorecard, finalizing it per the rules of the game of golf. 

  1. Simple point and purse payouts 

Don’t waste hours allocating awards to individual tournament winners – your toolkit should include the ability to instantly award winnings with one click. Use your hard-won hours to do something more productive – like manage the next tournament right from your mobile phone. 

  1. Mobile management 

Speaking of that, there’s no excuse for tournament management solutions in 2023 to lack the ability to access everything you need to run a tournament right from your phone. Registration and check-in, live scoring and marker signatures, hole locations, pace of play management, summoning an official and more should all be accessible from one app so you can see exactly what’s happening from anywhere on the grounds.  

  1. Integration with your tee sheet and CRM 

Manual processes are so last year. Make sure your tournament management provider integrates with your course management provider to make the good times great. We’re talking about automatic golfer profiles, automatic tee sheet blocks to prevent double-booking, and the ability to manage your tournament from the tee sheet. 

Event envy doesn’t have to be a thing. 

If your tournament provider doesn’t check some, most or all of these boxes (Digital Yardage Books, Advanced Shot Tracking for detailed stats and analytics, flexible scoring, highly targeted email and text messaging, easily customizable printed reports, cart-signs, and scorecards, intuitive and highly visible schedules, and more), you might want to start the search for a new provider. 

See how foreUP TM checks the boxes for your course. 

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