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If you don’t have FOMO yet about foreUP, you should – and here’s why.

Don’t worry. We’re not going to spend this entire blog post talking about ourselves. (Unless you’re into that.)

Instead we want to highlight a special type of person – the kind that writes product reviews online. 

We all rely on those helpful heroes for recommendations, from Yelp reviews for Sunday brunch, to Amazon ratings for our next pair of shoes, to getting insight from your fellow golfers while deciding between the ProV1 or ProV1x. 

So this blog post is dedicated to a different kind of keyboard warrior… the unseen, courageous trailblazers that risk their time and money on trying new things so that we can be more informed.

Don’t shun the efforts of these excellence evaluators. We’ve compiled some real-life reviews from champion critiquers across the internet with their uncensored words about foreUP.

Switching things up

Changing software can be frightening, but this abstract appraiser remained undaunted. We salute you for your bravery, Megan. 

Megan Foulger

“As a company, we switched from GolfNow to foreUP about six months ago. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice to go with foreUP. Their software is great, and their customer service is even better. As a manager of a small golf course, I appreciate good customer service. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week that I call or email with questions, someone is always available to help me. I have yet to come across a software glitch or issue they haven’t been able to solve immediately, and do not ever plan to use another company. Our customers are more happy with the dependability of foreUP, and my employees are more happy as well. We will be long time customers of foreUP!”

The dream team

This next round of inquisitive investigators have something to say about support from the home team. 

Richard Wolf

“Mark and the foreUP marketing team have been incredible to work with during the startup. We added the marketing side of foreUP for both of our courses in Tucson (Rolling Hills Golf Course & Dorado CC) about a month ago. They continue to support our facilities each day with excellent program specials and general information for golfers.  We couldn’t be happier! Adept, meticulous, and ready to assist with anything we need.”

Adam Anderson

“The leadership at foreUP is exceptional. With their customer centered approach to improving products and services, it’s no wonder great things are happening. Highly recommended.”

Jason B. 

Each member of the foreUP teams has been thoughtful and available whenever we have needed support. We have used foreUP at Gearhart Golf Links for a few years now, and above all we like how easy it is to use. Critical to our operation is the digital Tee Sheet, Marketing messages and e-mails, Inventory Management, and Website and App access. All are easy to use on our end, and our Club Members and Guests enjoy the website and app.”

Chuck S.

“Love the ease and the support. The ease of setting up our Tee Sheets, database, merchandise and interaction. We have an all-in-one software/support system with foreUP that out-works everything else we have tried or used. We not only recommend it, we train other local golf courses on it. We haven’t had any problems yet, so we have zero complaints.”

Let’s hear some specifics

Vague viewpoints are so last year. We’ve got some more virtual verdicts for you, complete with the juicy details you’re looking for.

Andre L.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

Having the system on the cloud allows me to see all transactions when I’m not at the course. Having the POS and Tee Sheet integrated together allows for better reporting and a 1 stop shop for that. Just being able to report on rounds played is huge for us as it was all pen and paper before we took ownership and implemented foreUP. Also, having a billing module has allowed us to keep everything consistent as far as member balances and bills. We’ve also been able to have all users clock in through foreUP which makes payroll easier.

Samantha F.

What do you like best?

foreUP is an extremely user-friendly cloud-based POS and Tee Sheet system. The setup and transition from our old system to foreUP was easy. My account manager is amazing! He responds almost immediately anytime I need help with anything. I’ve converted all 5 of my golf courses to foreUP. The reporting is cohesive and universal across all my courses, and it makes things so much easier. You can set up the system however you’d like. You start with an empty shell and customize it to your specific needs. I can access it from anywhere which allows me to help customers 24/7. This system also integrates with Event Pro 360, the event management software we use. It makes taking client payments a breeze. The things that foreUP can do are endless. I would highly recommend switching to foreUP.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

foreUP has made the financial reporting and tracking for each course so much simpler. I can print a report for all the courses at once and compare them. My golf staff is able to see the Tee Sheets at all my other courses and can make tee times for them. That is a godsend. We are able to improve our customer service while making the back end operations so much more efficient.


What do you like best?

The best thing about foreUP is that it is a truly integrated cloud-based solution (from website, Tee Sheet, Point of Sale) everything is seamless. The time to check in a customer is so much quicker and the true integration of Tee Sheet and Point of Sale assists management in tracking rounds, financial management, and reporting. We love the features of the Tee Sheet – helps manage play and monitor course activity. foreUP really delivers on all of our needs which is a refreshing change from dealing with providers in the past that sell features and integration but do not deliver on the product and support. It is also beneficial to have a product that was developed specifically for golf courses.

What do you dislike?

None – any additional feature or issue that we reported was resolved or enhanced in the new Tee Sheet.

Bonus breakdown bulletin

If you’re still unconvinced, here’s an extra round of digital discussers who dared to explore something new on your behalf.

Lonny M.

“I have recently signed up for the marketing side of foreUP, and it has saved me time and has produced more income for our facility. Downtime has been minimal. It is user friendly, and is very reliable. The reporting is quick and is updated every few minutes. foreUP had the credibility that the competitors didn’t have. Also, the price fit our budget.”

Jim Oscarson

Could not be more pleased with it.

Everything….it’s a great product! Works great and our customers can use it with ease. Very user friendly.

I haven’t found anything that I don’t really like.”

Patrick S.

“Integrates Tee Sheet, Pro Shop, and F&B departments. Eliminates dependencies on server technologies…all you need is an internet connection. Great integrations with other software for marketing and accounting.”

The software scrutinizers have spoken.

The ratings are in, and we’re letting the credits roll. If you’ve been on the verge of trying a new course management system for a while and nothing’s quite pushed you over the edge yet, let this be your sign to take the leap. 

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