foreUP Settings

Stop Getting Lost In The Rough.


Do you care about this seemingly arbitrary number? You should!

11,175 is the (approximate) number of possible combinations for course settings in foreUP software. And that’s with only one tee-sheet and one season!

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Why So Many Settings?

phone and computer with new settings interfaceEven though your software should be simple to use, the number of possible things you may need it to do is extensive. So, in order to give you a software that can meet your unique needs, the number of setting possibilities must be extensive as well.

Settings like:

  • The name of your course
  • The interval between players
  • Holiday specials/rates
  • Where to print receipts

The list goes on and on, which means golf course software settings just about as unique as a human finger-print. (Alright, not quite THAT unique.)

What once sounded so simple now seems so intimidating and complicated as your mind slips down the endless rabbit hole of settings, right?

Wrong again.

We’re Making Settings Simple.

We at foreUP are dedicated to making things simple. While it is a complicated process to provide the flexibility and functionality for each course to get things done, we strive to make things simple enough that a new employee could use our software.

settings on phone

So how do you simplify 11,175 software settings?

With our new settings page, every possible combination becomes a  logical walkthrough from the top down. Here’s what we did:

  1. We started by organizing all of the possible settings into 8 major categories.
  2. We then made sure we sorted all the remaining settings into those sections in the most logical way possible.
  3. We gave the interface a new sleek look & feel to provide a smooth user experience.
  4. We added in-software tools tips to help you know what does what.

The most important key to the success of this project, of course, was our customers. It’s one thing for a company to be willing to listen to their customers, but it’s another for our customers to spend the time giving us the feedback we need to improve.

After investing countless hours into research, your insights helped us close the gap between a good and (hopefully) great new addition to our software.yeah

Valuable foreUP Customer Feedback  

So thank you, foreUP customers, for helping us see what things need improvements or fixes, and what new features will make your job as easy as possible. We hope to get to every suggestion.

Want to submit a suggestion for foreUP? Go here. You can also view suggestions from other users & subscribe to receive notifications when we have that project in the hopper.