Market 3Xs Faster and Better with these New foreUP Updates

A new version of your email editor is here! It’s been carefully rewritten from scratch to give you faster and more flexible marketing tools. And it’s not just a little faster, 3Xs faster!

Faster Email Marketing

Don’t Worry. We’ve taken extra care to not change anything about the way you use the tools on a day-to-day basis. In fact, you may not even notice the improvements we’ve made to the way your tool functions.

Load Time Speed Faster Editing
Give your customers a better email-viewing experience with massive improvements to load times. Drag-‘n-dropping of elements into your emails is also smoother and faster, with small improvements to the visuals.

This new, faster version of email marketing for golf courses is already active in your account. Take it for a test drive by creating an email to announce Black Friday deals, discounted 2020 passes, or end-of-year retail clearances to move that extra inventory.

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