Why You Need Dedicated Club Billing Software

Over the past couple decades, technological advances have provided us with an increasing number of convenient payment options. The upside is that it’s becoming easier and easier for your guests to spend money at your resort. The downsides are that you run into more payment convenience fees than you did before, and that you need to continually update your software to keep up with payment technology. We have good news. Our advanced club management software includes continuously updated billing features. You don’t need to worry about constantly upgrading for the future — we take care of that for you!

How Your Customer Benefits

Customer Portal - ACHIn the past, club members were forced to contact the club to access account information. Not anymore. foreUP’s convenient billing portal provides all the information members need in one easy place. Customers can also set up auto-payments — a feature that not only makes their lives easier but eliminates some of club management’s busy-work. In addition to convenience, members will love the transparency and real-time accuracy the billing portal provides.

How the Club Benefits

Club Billing Statement

Specialized club billing software saves you time and money. Automated billing sends out reminders without your staff lifting a finger – just pick a billing date and your customer receives a reminder. You can also add a convenience fee for customers whose credit cards charge you, or automated late fees to keep things moving along. Customizable billing features put all the right numbers at your team’s fingerprints in an instant. Lastly, you’ll enjoy substantial annual savings with foreUP ACH, which eliminates credit card processing fees. Our ACH processing is quick, too. Most payments arrive in just one day, while other ACH processors typically take 5-7 days.

foreUP Billing Premier, our advanced billing software, includes all these features and more. It’s also integrated into our management software, which runs your entire club on one database, so every department works together in real time. Integrated staff and inventory management adds efficiency, improves the member experience, reduces waste, and saves your club time and money.

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