day 5 bulk discounts

Day 5: Bulk Discounts for Your F&B

On the 5th day of holiday gifts, foreUP gave to me… Bulk Discounts for our F and B! 

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fnb1Now let’s talk about Day Five: F&B Bulk Discounts

This year we spent time improving the speed with which users of foreUP’s food & beverage software can move through a process or series of processes. In our recent V2 release of our food & beverage module, the new functionality significantly decreased the number of clicks required to serve your guests. But today we have added a new one!


The new bulk discount feature will be incredibly beneficial for any food service that offers discounts.

When a longer ticket needs all items discounted, it takes much too long to create. The new discount function can be added to the entire ticket or individual items on the ticket, eliminating frustration for your staff as well as your waiting guests.

We are excited because we know this will save our users a large number of clicks, giving you the ability to speed your service and delight your guests! December is a great month to offer some incentive discounts for your restaurant, so give it a try!