Welcome to 2022: A Guide to Products for Your Season

Every new golf season brings another checklist for operators to stay on top of. Ground maintenance, staff training, equipment costs, and inventory stocking are only the beginning. Golf professionals also need to look ahead to the entire season and anticipate the business’s needs to come. 

Having great cloud-based management software like foreUP is the ideal jumping-off point for ensuring that your workload will be manageable throughout the entire season. Beyond the standard offerings like the cloud-based tee sheet and point of sale, equipping your course or club with the right software products can be a game-changer for the season. 

Depending on your golf business’s unique needs, you’ll likely find that certain specialized products were seemingly made for you. As you prepare the right supporting tools, you’ll be able to maximize your time putting in hands-on work at what you do best. All of these features are free to implement and can be found in foreUP’s new tee sheet, online booking settings, and customer profile modules.

foreUP’s Flexible Features

The Tee Time Audit Log

Know when and why tee times change.

As tee times are changed in your tee sheet, it’s crucial to know the details: who moved it, when was it changed, and why it was altered. In the past, uncovering these specifics would require a call to support, but with tee time audit logs, clients can now quickly and easily understand the edits happening on their tee sheets. Great data tracking consistently helps courses improve efficiency and training in the pro shop.


Prepaid Tee Time Auto-Refunds

Give customers the ability to cancel prepaid tee times.

foreUP is focused on improving the lives of our clients, and to do so, we also have to improve the experience for those clients’ golfers. Allowing customers to cancel their own prepaid tee times through the member portal can minimize unnecessary calls to the pro shop, and maximize self-sufficiency in your golfers. Your course will maintain full control over who can cancel these tee times and when, and allow for auto-refunds to loyal customers.

Limit Singles to Existing Groups

Restrict single golfers from booking outside of existing groups.

When single golfers book tee times without a group, it becomes much more likely that that tee time won’t fill with a group, causing your business to lose valuable tee time revenue. By creating limits for single golfers in your tee sheet settings, you can ensure that single golfers are only able to book with existing twosomes and threesomes. These settings help maximize revenue and minimize the time required for staff to manually edit the tee sheet.

Customer Transaction Histories

Quickly access transaction histories for individual customers.

Robust databases allow for detailed customer profiles. In addition to standard customer information, foreUP point of sale collects transaction history and saves it to each individual customer profile. Along with viewing receipts and editing sales, this data also allows for purposeful customer marketing and communication based on a golfers’ habits.

Price Classes for Green Fees and Cart Fees

Separate fee data tracking for more granular reporting.

In the past, green fees and cart fees were tracked in the same category. Now, different price classes allow for separate categories that can be customized as your course sees fit. Keeping these categories separate creates more detailed reports and, in turn, provides more sales and revenue data to operators. 

Customizable Customer Fields

Use free fields to perfect your software tools.

Your business may have aspects that aren’t perfectly catered to in your existing, pre-built software. Enter free fields, created to allow you to tailor your existing tools to any unique needs. These flexible, customizable customer fields allow for more power on your end and can be used for anything and everything, including lock numbers, cart storage, and much more. 

Let foreUP Work for You

foreUP was built by golf industry experts in order to serve real industry professionals like you. That’s why we’re so familiar with the fact that all of our clients benefit from different offerings, and why we continue to keep our catalog of tools robust. These foreUP products exist to make your life easier by boosting your revenue, simplifying your data, and giving back valuable time that could be spent on the green. 

Want to learn more about implementing these products? Reach out to our support team, or contact your dedicated Account Manager. 

Don’t know how to reach your Account Manager? Email accountmanagers@foreUP.com to be connected.