Top 3 Things Clubs Do Wrong with Food & Beverage Inventory

Tracking food & beverage inventory is frustrating, tedious, and a complete time-suck. We hear this time and time again from courses across the country, and if you agree with that sentiment, your business is likely using the same outdated inventory practices. 

Golf businesses like yours always fall into the same traps. We’re covering 3 of the most common mistakes that courses and clubs make when it comes to food & beverage inventory — and we’re bringing the solutions. Find out if you’re wasting time, money, and energy on avoidable mistakes.

PROBLEM: Still working with paper for vendor invoice processing. 

Once you receive the paper invoice, you input it into a spreadsheet line by line. Then you have to code each invoice and account for vendor price changes. You may update these spreadsheets before a physical, or maybe not, but the problem remains: costs are not being recorded as the product is coming in. Because of this, “first in, first out” tracking is needlessly painful and time-consuming. 

SOLUTION: Go electronic with invoices.

Consider bringing in your vendor invoices electronically, which will account for price updates, and automatically code them to the proper general ledger account. Turning your invoices digital also brings the added bonus of eliminating multiple data entry points, which keeps your data cleaner and more accurate.

PROBLEM: Spreadsheets for physical inventories. 

Many clubs we speak with are using Microsoft Excel, and they’ve spent a lot of time doing manual data entry. As advanced as your spreadsheet may be, courses manually building out spreadsheets will continue to have to put in a huge effort for something that’s not going to be fully accurate.

SOLUTION: Store and track inventories digitally. 

Get rid of the manual entry and huge time drain. With Yellow Dog, you can create count sheets for specific inventory locations, and do your counts on the mobile app. This technology helps you keep your vital information accurate and your inventories auditable. 

PROBLEM: Inaccurate or nonexistent reporting. 

You might have great data in your point of sale, but without the right type of reporting, you don’t get the information you actually need. There’s no easy way to look at a similar event year over year, no way to track the dining room’s data versus the snack bar’s, and no way to see how dishes are performing against each other. You’re operating by guesswork.

SOLUTION: Smart, automatic reporting.

With over 400 fully customizable reports in the Yellow Dog system, you can find or create exactly what your club needs. Then, automate those reports to be emailed to as many people as you need, at whatever frequency.

With Yellow Dog, courses eliminate the stress of old-fashioned, tedious inventory management, tracking, and reporting. It’s time to stop stressing about problems and stresses that are completely avoidable. Find out what Yellow Dog can do for your business.

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