Tired of Servers?


Why do golf courses still use tee time software that requires them to have an on-site server?

Here are issues mentioned by various golf courses…

  • The servers and IT costs are expensive.
  • Servers need constant maintenance.
  • Your software needs to be backed up every night.
  • If the server is stolen from the course, then all credit card information gathered through the tee time software goes with it.
  • New updates have to be either downloaded through the web or CD and are expensive.
  • The software is only accessible through computers that the software is installed on.
  • Requires high costs of having someone fly out to set up the servers and do training.

Then, what type of tee time software should be used?

Cloud-based tee time software. Why?

  • No need for Servers.
  • No need for IT Support.
  • No big setup and installation costs.
  • Credit card information is stored through your merchant processor making it secure.
  • The software is accessible through any desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or smart phone.
  • All data is automatically backed up.
  • Updates are completely automated.
  • Data maintenance and data recovery are guaranteed.