Golf Course GPS App

Providing your customers with seamless customer experience doesn’t stop at the booking process. As a savvy golf course owner, you know the importance of enhancing your customer’s experience at the course as well.

That’s why we, foreUP Golf, developed a smartphone app which your customers can download and enjoy their tee time even more.


Our smartphone app is personalized and made just for your golf course which means you can brand your golf course and keep current with the latest market trends.

The main benefit of our smartphone app is the GPS & Distance tracker, which allows golfers to view the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green. Thanks to our app they can speed up the play because they don’t need to waste time looking for distance marker.  

Another benefit are the flyovers which are given for each hole. The flyovers will provide your customers with a smooth vision of your landscape, allowing golfers to see the layout of a hole to plan their drives, avoid the traps and optimize for the best angle of approach.

On top of that, our app allows your customer to easily view your open tee times and make a quick reservation at their convenience. This leads to several key benefits such as a decrease in number of reservation phone calls that you need to take as well as easy collection of customer contact information.

Finally, with a digital scorecard, your golfers can now keep track of their scores on their phone. They can keep track of putts, as well as get a full 18 Hole scorecard view. The scorecards are interactive meaning that they can store and record old rounds. All of their scorecards can be referenced at a later date which is handy for keeping track of how their game has improved over time.


To see all of the features and benefits of foreUP Software, call us today to schedule a test drive of our golf course software, or request a live web demo with a foreUP representative. You will be amazed at how easy and accurate our foreUP GPS app is and how it can improve your customer’s experience.

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