Gadgets Your Pro Shop Needs to Be Selling

pro shop golf gadgets

Golf is a difficult game to learn, let alone master. Fortunately, there are lots of companies out there developing exciting new products that teach new golfers technique and simplify the learning process.

Every year, electronics companies come out with cool, high-tech gadgets to take your members’ game to the next level. You’ll need to stock your pro shop with tees, clubs, shoes, and branded merchandise, as always. But below are the items your customers will be talking about.


Rangefinders give the golfer the distance to a specific location (usually the pin) on the course. There are two basic types — GPS and laser. GPS rangefinders only work with golf courses that have been mapped and the user often pays a monthly fee. Laser rangefinders work a little like the radar gun that the police use to check your speed. The golfer points the rangefinder at the target and pulls the trigger. The rangefinder then uses a laser to measure the distance of the target.

golf buddy gb9 wtx watch - on Amazon There are several models of each type available.

The most popular GPS models:

  1.   Golf Buddy GB9 WTX – Pre-loaded with more than 38,000 courses

    * Watch-mounted

    * About $230

    * Pictured from Amazon
  2.   Garmin Approach G30 – 2.3-inch Garmin Approach G30color touchscreen display

    * Handheld

    * About $250

    *Pictured from Amazon 

The most popular laser models:  Inesis Laser Rangefinder Golf 900

  1.  Inesis Laser Rangefinder Golf 900 – Wide 5.4 yd. to 1300 yd. range

    * Best Value About $200
  2.   Bushnell Pro XE – Bushnell Pro XEthe most accurate and durable rangefinder available

    * Full-Featured

    * About $550

Swing Analyzers

There are a ton of swing analyzers on the market. Designs and prices vary widely, so it’s a good idea to stock a couple models, if possible. Different swing analyzers provide different types of data, but there are a few key analytics that most cover:

–   Club speed

–   Club path

–   Smash factor

–   Carry distance

There are many choices, but the differences that will be key to your members are mount position and cost. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer ­­– provides 3D analysis and 360-degree imaging
    • Glove-mounted
    • About $150

      Zepp golf swing analyzer
  2. Arccos Caddie Golf Game Tracking System – includes a sensor for each of your clubs
    • Club-mounted
    • About $250

      Arccos Caddie Golf Game Tracking System
  3. Voice Caddie SC 200 – Tracks stats for each club, 3 practice modes
    • Position on the ground behind the ball
    • About $350

Digital Putters

So, your customer has precisely measured the distance to the pin with his new rangefinder. They have reached the green and perfected their stroke along the way with their new swing analyzer. Now what? Once on the green, they can grab their digital putter and bring it home. The digital putter works like a swing analyzer for the green, measuring speed, tempo, and rhythm. It sends all this information to your handheld device for you to analyze later or right there on the course.

There are quite a few digital putters on the market. So, which ones should you have available for your members? Here are a couple of our favorites:

  1.   Smartgolf Smart Putter

    •     Allows you to observe and analyze your rhythm, speed, tempo, & angle.

    •     About $300

      Smartgolf Smart Putter


  2. TaylorMade Spider Interactive “L” Neck
    •     Real-Time Data Capture of 11 Putting Metrics
    •     About $400

      TaylorMade Spider Interactive L Neck

One of the most common complaints from beginners is that golf is just too hard. One way to get people to want to keep coming back to your club is to shorten the learning curve with modern technology. Not only will selling these items in your pro shop bring in a little more revenue, it will make the game easier and more enjoyable to learn for your members.