What is foreUP Marketing Services for golf clubs?

Golf course and club marketing can be a substantial drain for golf courses. Not only does it take time and expertise to create strategic marketing plans, it takes a lot of time to learn the tools you should use to make your marketing plan effective. Add on extra time if you want to get really good at it. Who has time?

Marketing is a pain point for most golf course operators and owners, which is why we have created a professional service we call foreUP Marketing Services. Run by long time PGA member, golf marketing expert, and previous owner of two of his own golf courses, Mark Farrow runs the fMS program. He and his team consult intimately with the golf courses they work with, helping them build a strategy that meets their unique goals and circumstances.

Then, his team of golf marketing experts deploy these campaigns with skill and efficiency, driving results for golf courses and country clubs using the fMS program. Using a combination of social media optimization and consistent posting, targeted and automated email campaigns, paid advertisements, strategic content calendars, promotional strategies, website creation or management, and event marketing, they put together powerful campaigns that have proven results.

By fall of 2020, courses had gone up an average of 20% higher than 2019, compared to the increase for courses not using fMS at their facility.

For courses that already have a marketing specialist, fMS works as an ancillary resource for them, deploying campaigns they create together to allow the Marketing specialist at the course to focus on other means of driving revenue.

fMS is passionate about driving results anywhere possible, which means more than simply increasing occupancy but rather driving revenue across the whole facility. Courses using fMS have stopped relying on discounted tee times to drive occupancy, and are instead bringing in new and repeating business through organic strategies that allow the course to keep their own business rather than giving it away to third parties.

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