foreUP Quarterly Newsletter – Delightful December

foreUP wishes you a merry end-of-year! As we wrap up December, we hope you’re staying warm, spending some time resting with your loved ones, and getting everything settled and prepared for 2024. 

We’re standing by to assist you as you step into the New Year, with bonus training sessions, new webinars, enhancements, and more! Don’t miss out on our Year-End Readiness or New Year Readiness Series – see below for details on how to equip your course with everything you need to transition from 2023! 

Give yourself a quick cyber checkup with this checklist! 

How is your digital hygiene? Digital hygiene is a catch-all term for the practices and behaviors related to cleaning up and maintaining your digital world. 

Website content review: 

Review your website and remove any outdated information. Update your rates, calendar, tournament schedules and event schedules for 2023, if applicable. Click through your website menus to ensure all links are working properly. Having a current and functioning website is important to encourage visitors to trust your website. 

Check-in with your email base: 

Review your email databases and member lists in your email marketing component to ensure they are current. Many email clients will also allow you to filter users who have not recently opened any emails and completely remove users who have unsubscribed. Streamlining your databases can result in better open rates and engagement. 

Be social: 

Now is a great time to dust off your social media channels. Regular social media posts can boost engagement and help grow your reach! Aim to post to your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) at least 1-2 times per week. 

Refresh your image: 

Images on your website and social media profiles are many users’ first digital encounter with your brand. Make a good first impression by adding new, high-quality images to your website and social media profiles. Old or outdated images should be removed as needed. 

Dial-in your Cyber-Security: 

Make sure your passwords are secure and consider using a password manager, such as Lastpass, to store them. You may also want to review and clean up user access across your website and social media platforms. This includes removing access from past employees or outdated email addresses. 

Following these steps will help you maintain a current and relevant digital presence!

1-2-1- Marketing, Powered by foreUP, provides all the tools you need to prepare for 2024. We can help you execute, measure, and adjust. Contact us today to learn more about our world-class websites, AD Services and Managed Marketing Services. 

If your course isn’t taking advantage of the powerful synergy of partner integrations, you’re leaving revenue on the table.  

foreUP is hosting a special event with our partners to show you how to optimize your operations, maximize your revenue, and augment your golfer experience – all through the often-overlooked magic of partner integrations.  

Join Tagmarshal CEO Bodo Sieber and Sagacity Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist Mike Loustalot as we explore how complementary technologies transform golf course revenue and experiences. 

Powerhouse Partnerships: Optimize Course Operations with Sagacity and Tagmarshal
December 13th | 2pm ET 


  • Increased bottom line revenue  
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies 
  • Exceptional customer experience 
  • Automations that create big savings 

Check out this invaluable webinar with foreUP, Tagmarshal, and Sagacity, featuring dynamic pricing, innovations into golfer experience, and more!  

We’re waiting to show you how to increase your revenue without increasing your workload. See the highlights of these powerful golf technologies at work for real courses like yours and ask our expert panel real questions.  

Don’t leave revenue on the table – it belongs to your course. 

Secure your seat now! 

If you miss out on this stellar partner powerhouse event, don’t worry – you can still check back to experience the recording for yourself! 

We’re just making sure you heard about this fabulous foreUP New Year’s Special.  

We’re offering all the benefits of Tournament Management – for $99 a month – and we’re waiving the $399 set-up fee.  

Our Tournament Management, powered by BlueGolf, is known for: 

  • Intuitive, highly visible schedules so players can easily browse events   
  • Professional leaderboards streamed around your course – live   
  • Efficient, flexible registration, so reservations never slow you down  
  • Highly targeted email and text messaging for instant engagement  
  • Easily customizable printed reports, cart-signs, and scorecards    
  • Mobile scorecards with live scoring for players who prefer modern options  
  • Easily awarded points and purse payouts to keep the excitement rolling   

If you want your course to be affiliated with terrific, high-tech tournaments without breaking the bank, then this is the deal you’ve been waiting for. This special offer is only available through 3/31/24. 

Secure your special price! 

Are you missing out on foreUP’s resource-packed educational newsletter? 

This monthly message features all the content you need to reach your course management goals, from complimentary live training opportunities to seasonal suggestions. This time of year is packed with to-do lists and tedious tasks, so we set out to replace year-end stress with a bonus live training series designed to help you prepare for the New Year and close out 2023 successfully. 

It’s not too late to access the foreUP Year-End Readiness series, and don’t miss out on the New Year Readiness series that’s just around the corner. 

Access both here!

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Online Booking Updates: 

  • We have recently completed development work on our new Aggregate Booking feature, which is currently in Beta testing! Aggregate Booking will display tee time availability from multiple tee sheets on one page in Online Booking- making it easier than ever for your golfers to find the tee time they’re looking for. Be on the lookout for additional information regarding this new feature after the holiday season. If your operation is interested in getting access to this feature sooner rather than later, please reach out to your Senior Account Manager. 
  • Clients utilizing Stripe as their Merchant Processor as well as a Non-Integrated Merchant Processor will now have access to our Customer Checkout update to Online Booking. This features updated designs including branding options, a new checkout flow which allows golfers to utilize a saved card, gift card or rain check to pay, and the ability to purchase multiple online store items in one transaction.  

Tee Sheet Updates

  • Made drastic changes to the database to increase UPtime and improve speed on tee sheet
  • Fixed big bugs that our customers were facing at the beginning of the season

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