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Full-service digital marketing solution helps course owners and operators create and deploy comprehensive campaigns to generate business and enhance profitability

Pleasant Grove, UT  – foreUP, the golf industry’s pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based software for course management and tee time sheets, announces the launch of foreUP Marketing Services (fMS), a turnkey digital marketing solution offered exclusively to golf courses and country clubs. The service line is being directed by Mark Farrow, a PGA of America class A member who has more than two decades of experience in golf course operations and marketing.

“The introduction of fMS marks a pivotal point in the evolution of foreUP and underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to the game and the industry,” says Evan Teshima, CEO of foreUP. “Mark brings a wealth of real-world knowledge, and he cares deeply about helping fellow course operators serve their customers and run better businesses. Under his leadership, fMS will increase the breadth and depth of foreUP’s marketing suite and strengthen the company’s position as a holistic provider of tech-focused solutions.”

At the course level, fMS addresses a problem that challenges managers nationwide: a dearth of marketing sophistication. Whether by choice or circumstance, the majority of owners and operators lack the expertise needed to drive revenue and improve profitability using traditional and digital marketing tools. Even those who have the skills to develop an integrated strategy often don’t have the time or resources to properly execute it.

“Course operators tend to prioritize daily operational necessities and invest much less money and energy on marketing efforts that can really move the needle in terms of revenue,” Farrow explains. “Quite often, this leads to discounting or giving away tee times to third-party vendors just to get people on their course, which ultimately devalues their product and hinders their ability to build customer loyalty.

fMS helps to bridge this divide by allowing course owners and operators to partner with a team of experienced golf marketers who can create and implement proven, results-driven campaigns without the challenge and expense of filling a full-time position. For facilities that already have a marketing professional on staff, fMS offers ancillary support and services that accelerate growth and deliver incremental returns on investment.

“No two golf courses or markets are the same,” says Farrow, a former course owner who has engaged with hundreds of operators across the United States to manage their digital strategies. “That’s why we work hand-in-hand with each client to assess their needs, identify unique opportunities, and build and implement a custom marketing plan that produces measurable outcomes.”

When a course signs up for fMS, the foreUP team designs and deploys a tailored marketing program that, over the course of weeks, months and years, substantially increases tee time revenue, merchandise sales and event business. Specifically, fMS professionals collaborate with clients to:

  • review their current marketing efforts and discuss various strategies for growth;
  • establish goals, timelines and benchmarks;
  • develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates emails, content marketing, social media, websites, blogs, custom promotions and local business listings like Google My Business;
  • leverage foreUP’s propriety technology to integrate efforts across multiple platforms;
  • educate the client on the use of traditional and digital marketing tools;
  • monitor, analyze and report on key metrics;
  • adjust tactics routinely to capitalize on ever-changing marketplace conditions; and
  • manage or augment daily or weekly marketing tasks that are often overlooked or performed infrequently.

“Our specialists are like an extension of a club’s operational team,” Farrow explains. “We provide the expertise and additional bandwidth needed to promote their facility in a way that’s timely, on brand and targeted to their customer base. This frees managers up to  concentrate on delivering an even greater experience when golfers are at their courses and enjoying their amenities.”

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About foreUP

Since 2012, foreUP has offered cloud-based technology solutions that enable golf course owners, operators and managers to run and market their businesses more efficiently and profitably. The company’s all-in-one suite of SaaS tools and complementary services automate manual processes and provide seamless integrations with other software products commonly used to manage customers, tee times, inventory, food and beverage, billing, marketing, reporting and other systems with a single interface on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Visit for more information or go HERE to request a demo.

As seen on The Golf Wire, posted November 5, 2020.