foreUP Employee Highlight: Kyle Spencer, Partner Relations

Why do we do Employee Highlights? Why do you care about who is behind the software you use to run your business?

We firmly believe that the type of people in a company tells a lot about who the company is, and why you can trust them with your business.

At foreUP, we’ve really lucked out. Our company was founded on firm values with a humble goal to help businesses succeed, and we hire people with equally high work ethic and commitment to those goals. People in our office get excited about helping our customers.

One such individual is Kyle Spencer, who runs all our partner relations. Those apps that integrate with your foreUP software to give you additional tools to promote your business or improve customer experiences? You can thank Kyle (and our open API) for them!

Kyle’s excitement about growing our integrations and partnerships is contagious. It gets us pumped, and we think it’ll get you pumped too when you see the great things he’s bringing to your software.

So, say hello to Kyle!

Spencer Family Employee HighlightHello! My name is Kyle Spencer. I love my family, exploring new places, and helping businesses thrive. I am passionate about business best practices, nonprofit work, and personal development so my contributions can be meaningful.

Interviewer: What do you do at foreUP?
My role is to discover what’s needed to make work at a golf course better, easier, and more profitable. I ensure foreUP provides those solutions or that we partner with best-in-class companies to provide fantastic technologies and systems.
I guess you could say that I am a mix of Marcus Lemonis (from The Profit), the panel from Shark Tank, and MacGyver. It’s a lot of fun!
Interviewer: What makes you qualified to do what you do for foreUP and its clients?
Kyle: Well, I’d say it’s a combination of luck, experience, and a lot of studies. In addition, I have an insatiable desire to solve problems. As it turns out, there are a lot of opportunities to do that in the golf industry, and foreUP has been solving problems for a while now.
I love to learn from business sages, great books, and from formal programs like continuing education and colleges and universities. I decided to go to college full-time after I sold a couple of companies in my late-twenties. I was a lot older than most of the college students but I was there to learn so I didn’t mind.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of small businesses and many startups over the years as an entrepreneur and as a business advisor. Working in many industries made me want to go back to school to earn an MBA. It has been great to be able to use what I have learned over the years to help our customers at foreUP.
Spencer Boys
Interviewer: What do you do when you are not at foreUP?
Kyle: I love to spend time with my wife and two boys! We don’t have a TV so we play out in the yard and explore the beautiful world around us.I am an avid skier and a rock climber.
These days, I am turning into a big fan of golf because it’s something we can do as a family and be in the outdoors. One of my favorite, recent memories was when my four-year-old had a smile from ear to ear because I let him drive my wife’s golf cart when she was walking up to the green. We were the only ones on the course and he was driving super slowly but it was still a blast.
We also love to travel! I have lived in South America, Central America, and, of course, North America. My wife would prefer that we move to the Caribbean sooner rather than later.
Sans Children Belize 2012-949600-edited
Kyle and his wonderful wife in Belize, Central America.
Interviewer: Since you’ve worked in many industries, what’s unique about the golf industry?
Kyle: Great question!
I find it amazing how much people love working at a golf course. It could be partly because of the free golf, but I’ve found that people in this industry genuinely love what they do.
It’s hard work to care for a golf course, smile at people while they are the ones playing the game, and to find new ways to stay competitive on the course and as a golf business, but everyone in this industry is dedicated to supporting the game.
I also find it unique that not all the courses are applying the systems and strategies, proven marketing techniques, and other technological advances that other courses and businesses are using to stay relevant. I am not talking about expensive stuff because, sure, we all have constraints. But some of the free and almost-free stuff like social media marketing, customer service techniques, or even utilizing the tech, that has already been paid for, to a greater degree isn’t out of reach even on slim budgets.
I believe that as we all apply our passion for the game to making the courses operate better the sport will be enhanced. Hopefully we will all make some nice bonuses too because more people will be enjoying golf with us.
Kyle runs partner relations for foreUP. If you’re interested in learning more about partnering with us to provide added benefit to our customers, or if you’d like to learn more about existing partnerships and integrated applications, contact