foreUP Employee Highlight: Jeff Jensen, User Experience Designer

Every month, Marketing chooses an employee to highlight. We ask them to explain who they are, what they do, and why they do what they do.

For February, we asked Jeff Jensen, who is a foreUP software User Experience Designer. We think he’s great, and once you read his message below, we know you will too!

Say hello to Jeff!

jeff jensen picture - foreup user experience designer

During the week, if you can’t find him in the foreUP office, he’s likely setting an example for the rest of us by using his breaks to take long walks with his headphones in to soak in the beautiful Utah mountain views and vibrant seasonal colors. 

Hey, I’m Jeff Jensen. I work in foreUP’s Product team as a User Experience Designer.

Interviewer: What do you do at foreUP?

Jeff: My job is to make foreUP as easy to use as possible by designing it to fit the needs of your golf course.

I research and call courses to see how they like the software, and collect opinions on how we can improve. I then design solutions to problems you all are facing, and then reach out again to ensure that those proposed solutions solve those problems.


Jeff recently got engaged to the love of his life, Sotia Chheng, who he’s been with for two years. Marital bliss begins March 17th! 

So, when you see those “How are we doing on a scale from 1-10?” pop ups in the software, those come from us on the product team. And we use your feedback, complaints, and how you are using the software to figure out ways to improve the system.

I’m also in charge of the self-service support system. Ideally, our software is designed in such a way that you don’t need a tutorial. (Click Read More to continue.)

But we have articles, walkthroughs and videos just in case. The guides can also help you explore ways to use foreUP you haven’t thought of before and to help establish best practices.

I narrate and edit all the tutorial videos as well as write those guides and walkthroughs available in the bottom left corner, and those little question mark tooltips you see scattered throughout the software.

Jeff is the smooth, silky voice you will often hear in our tutorial videos. This video is the latest of his creations, which acts as an introduction to how to use the basic features of foreUP. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more foreUP videos HERE.

 Interviewer: Why you choose to stay at foreUP?

Jeff: I love the team I work with everyday, and foreUP customers. I love that I get to listen to business owners talk about their needs and what they want to improve their business, and to design solutions that help those courses grow.Interviewer: What are your goals for helping foreUP customers? 

Jeff: My ideal goal is to design software that just works. Good design is 99% invisible, with no one noticing how easy it is to use—that seamless experience is what I want you to have when using foreUP.

At the end of the day, foreUP is financial software for Golf Courses. So I want to see our courses make more money by utilizing foreUP to its fullest potential. I want to maximize their profits and increase occupancy at the golf course as much as possible, as well as help facilitate awesome experiences for the visitors to their course.


Jeff inspires Team foreUP every day with his excitement and passion for creating a product that makes a positive impact on the way our customers run their businesses. We’re lucky to have him on our team, and hope he sticks around for a very long time to come.

If you would like to suggest and vote on features for foreUP software, go to Or you can contact Jeff directly by emailing .