FAQ: Information About New foreUP Changes

foreUP changes

We know that change can come with uncertainty. We have created this brief FAQ to answer some common questions about our recent acquisition by Battery Ventures, but please feel free to contact your sales, support, or account representative if you have other questions or concerns.

Above all, rest assured that the day-to-day of foreUP remains unchanged, as does our commitment to serving and protecting your business.

General Questions

Q: Why did foreUP decide to sell? 

A: With 2020 in the rearview, the golf industry has arrived at an interesting crossroads. The new ways of doing business combined with the influx of active golfers have brought new needs for technology, services, and support. We believe that, with this new equity partnership, we are better equipped to rise to meet these needs.

In short, the decision was driven by our desire to better take care of customers, and continue to build out the product to be the best/most comprehensive software in the industry.

After nearly ten years of bootstrapped operation, an acquisition provides us access to resources that will help us better support you.

Q: Who acquired you? 

A: Clubessential Holdings, not to be confused with Clubessential software, is a Battery Ventures company. Their portfolio includes Clubessential (software), Vermont Systems, ClubReady, and Prestosports. These companies are now sister companies of foreUP, but all operate independently.

Q: Why did you choose Battery Ventures & Clubessential Holdings?
A: When making a decision about who and how to go about adding new resources to foreUP, it was important that we chose a company that aligned with our values and our vision. Specifically, our commitment to offering tools and services that help grow the golf industry and take measures to avoid harm. 

We feel that joining forces with a group who shares this vision and commitment was the best decision for the next step of foreUP, and it allows us to operate independently instead of being wrapped up with another software or offering.

Q: Why did Clubessential Holdings choose foreUP? 

A: Clubessential Holdings chose to add foreUP to their umbrella because foreUP allowed them to further their goal of serving all markets. foreUP has set the standard, and continued to raise the bar for cloud-based technology and hands-on services for public, semi-private, and private courses and clubs.

Q: Is foreUP now the same software as Clubessential? 

A: No. Clubessential software is another operating company in the Clubessential Holdings portfolio, which also includes Vermont Systems, ClubReady, and Presto Sports–all of which are operating independently.

Though we may share resources at times, it will always be led by the intention of providing more tools or seamless integrations for our customers.

Q: So what IS changing? 

A: foreUP is now owned by Clubessential Holdings, a Battery Ventures company. While the acquisition allows foreUP to take greater steps to help the golf industry, you won’t notice any changes on your day-to-day interactions with the software, future updates, or our representatives.

Administrative Questions

Q: Will this require me to fill out any new tax documentation? 

A: No. foreUP is remaining the same, independently run company, simply functioning under the umbrella of a holdings company that specializes in the golf and club technology space.

Q: Will my contract change? 

A: No. Our pricing model and contract details will remain the same.

Q: Will this change how I make payments for my software? 

A: No. All payment methods and schedules will remain the same.

Q: We just signed on. Will this change the implementation process?

A: No. The setup and training processes will be identical to the way we have always done them.

Product Questions

Q: Will the software change? Or stop new development? 

A: No. We retain control of the foreUP product roadmap, which will continue as planned led by your feedback and the needs of our courses and the industry.

Q: Will you stop serving private clubs? 

A: No. Clubs using foreUP will still receive the same quality of software and service they’ve come to expect. Clubessential Holdings company is excited to offer technology solutions to all businesses in the membership space.

Support Questions

Q: Will I be calling Clubessential support? 

A: No. Clubessential software’s support team will support their software, and foreUP’s support team will continue to support ours. Our offerings (along with our other sister companies) function independently, and are supported independently.

Q: Will our account managers or points of contact be changing? 

A: No. You will continue working with the same, supportive foreUP team members. This change will allow us to more thoroughly support you, but nothing will change in your day-to-day interactions with our team.

Q: Will support services change? 

A: No. We will continue to provide support in every way we do now: via phone, chat, or email interactions with our Utah-based team members.

If you have further questions or would like to speak to a member of our team, please reach out to your personal representative or call our support line (800-929-5737)to be connected with someone who can help you.