Day 4: Displaying Customer Minimum Status Details

Today’s gift is also a gift for your customers. It was created to help you help them see and manage their minimum status.

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Now, onto day four!

You can now have the customers minimum status displayed on their statements.

  • Minimum $$ displayed
  • Amount spent in the current period
  • Balance left to spend
  • Date by which they must spend remaining balance

Why Your Customers Care: The benefits for your customers are control and transparency; no more surprises, no more calling in to get the status of their required spend.

Why You Care: This functionality was added as we were working with clients who use minimums, in an effort to reduce the number of calls they get on a monthly basis about minimum and the current status.

Customer minimum status-1

Be sure to tell your members where they can find their new balance and minimum status details, and then sit back and enjoy empowering your members without using up more of your own time.

Check back in tomorrow for Day 4 of 12 Days of Holiday Gifts from foreUP!