Building Communication Channels

Currently, the top performing golf courses are the ones who have learned to build communication channels between them and their customers. The communication channels that we are referring to are emails and phone numbers. By building a list of emails and phone numbers, golf courses have the opportunity to alert customers of future tournaments, league events, pro shop specials, and other promotions within minutes. Let me demonstrate one example on how profitable these communication methods can be.

Say that you gather 2000 emails and send off 1 email notification for an upcoming tournament. The tournament costs $100 to play in. If 3% (60 additional players) decided to play in the tournament because they were informed through the notification, you would receive an additional $6000 for that tournament. That is a lot of extra revenue for a few minutes of work in putting an email together.

Tips on gathering emails and phone numbers

  • Have online booking and make sure you have the customer information submitted streamlined into your tee time software
  • Through your tee time software you should be able to send off email confirmations of bookings. Use these email confirmations as a purpose to collect emails from customers over the phone.
    • You can have your employees say something like this over the phone “Thank you Mr. Williams, your tee time has been reserved for 4 people tomorrow at 8:00am, what email would you like me to send your confirmation to?
  • Have employees collect phone numbers over the phone by saying something like this, “Mr. Williams, what phone number can we reach you at for any notifications on your tee time?
  • Put out a sign up page requesting names, phone numbers, and emails, for those that would like to receive promotions and updates of upcoming events.

In order to fully utilize emails and phone numbers, we recommend using email marketing and text marketing tools that are integrated into your customer database.

If these tactics are applied consistently and in the correct manner, we are confident that you can take your course to the next level.