Your software provider should increase revenue, not take it away.

When Fieldstone Golf Club’s general manager Chip Hierlihy realized his club was missing out on revenue streams by trading tee times away, he went straight to the golf committee.  

The math was staggering. “If you just took a core season of 250 days, that’s pretty close to $140,000 in top line revenue that I thought we were missing,” said Hierlihy. 

The committee agreed: it was time to find another software provider that would increase revenue, not take it away. 

Hierlihy’s search for software started with Sagacity Golf – a partner they couldn’t interface with at the time because of their previous provider’s limitations. But Hierlihy knew their dynamic pricing would benefit the club’s bottom line, so he took Sagacity’s recommendation seriously.

Sagacity was clear who they endorsed for Fieldstone: foreUP was the way forward, with a seamless integration to take advantage of dynamic pricing and zero tee time trading required of Fieldstone.

To find out what happened next and how Fieldstone increased their top-line revenue by more than a million dollars over three years of growth, read the whole case study!