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In the Press: foreUP Announces New Member Billing Solution

Lindon, UT—foreUP today announced that they’ve officially launched a new billing solution that will save users over 15 hours on member billing tasks every month. The new software integrates seamlessly with the existing foreUP golf business suite, which includes point of sale, tee sheet, F&B, and marketing tools within one easy-to-use platform.

In contrast to the basic billing module that has always been integrated with foreUP’s platform, the new solution—Billing Premier—addresses and handles all billing tasks for a club over the course of any month. Upon first use, the most obvious benefit of foreUP’s billing solution is the clean, intuitive design. The developers have been careful to automate as much as possible, without limiting a client’s ability to customize the look, feel, and functionality of their invoicing.

What customers are saying

Courses that have been using Billing Premier in its early stages have been overjoyed with the results. “I love the simplicity of the UI and how quick it is to problem solve and create statements,” says the manager at Baywood Country Club. “Our members love the itemized detail on their transactions. They also like the new format, which is much clearer for them to read and understand.”

Users of Billing Premier will find great value in three main areas: time, money, and experience.

Time: According to market research conducted by foreUP, clubs can save up to 15 hours/month by switching to an automated solution like Billing Premier. Clubs routinely lose time in fielding customer calls, editing invoices, editing member types, running system audit reports, and calculating late fees.

Money: Not only does the new solution cater to ACH payments, it helps clubs encourage their players to switch to auto-payments, lessening the chance for missed or declined payments.

Experience: In addition to an intuitive software design that makes it a breeze for clubs employees, Billing Premier also gives a great user experience to customers. They will be delighted by the easy-to-read invoices and statements, as well as the simple autopay options Billing Premier affords.

What’s in Billing Premier

“We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this new product. Our clients were expecting something extraordinary, and I couldn’t be happier to announce that I believe we’ve met their expectations,” says Christian Arntsen, Product Owner at foreUP. “My team and I have worked hand-in-hand with our beta courses, and the initial response has been remarkable. These courses are positively thrilled to save so much time and energy, while collecting more money than they ever could with manual processes.”

Favorite features of the new solution include:

  • Customizable Invoices and Notification Types: Edit all your invoice templates at once, and easily choose who gets those invoices.
  • Automatic Updates & Improvements: Set your invoices and statements to send on any day of the year.
  • Finance charges: For slow-moving members, set automatic finance charges when anybody misses a payment.
  • Effortlessly Collect Dues: Automated finance charges, ACH payments, and bill reminders.
  • Stop Confusion for Members: No more calling you to help decipher or pay their invoice.
  • Course Branding: Customize your invoices to match your brand and your needs.
  • Real Transparency & Reporting: New billing- and member- related reports that can be sent to your inbox automatically.
  • Audit-Ready Invoicing: Leave an audit trail that allows the accountant/controller to know who is making those changes (and to correct the process when mistakes are made).
  • Improve customer experiences: They can set up their own payments, easily read their invoice, and identify clear paths to paying their dues.

To learn more about Billing Premier, visit or call 800.675.0422. You can also email to speak directly to Christian.

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