foreUP product management

Peeking behind the curtain

by Christian Arntsen, Director of Product Management

Part of foreUP’s stated mission is to make courses more profitable and efficient. One thing that really sets us apart in being able to do that is that we have complete control over our software. That means that when our users need something, we’re able to do it. We spend a lot of time listening to and observing what our customers want and need.

To give you an idea of actual things that we’re doing to help our clients, here are some of our features in development I’m most excited about:

1. Back 9 Booking

Airlines understand that filling every seat is essential for higher profitability. In a similar way, golf course operators know that booking every tee time is key to driving revenue.

But, without a simple way to book the back 9, it often means that courses lose out on a lot of the money they could be making.

I love Back 9 Booking because it empowers courses to maximize occupancy without having to go through complex workarounds. The best part is that this feature will be ready by early 2019.Going to the back nine

2. Accounting Integrations

Personally, the word “accounting” scares me. I understand its importance to any company, but it’s never been something intuitive or exciting for me.

Thanks to software like Quickbooks accounting has become a lot easier, which is why my team has decided to begin developing accounting software integrations with the foreUP system. In addition to saving accountants countless hours (and headaches), this will allow courses to operate more efficiently and ultimately, more profitably.

3. Actionable Insights

It is my firm belief that software shouldn’t just do the minimum that’s required of it, but that a well-designed product should help its user achieve success and satisfaction. Beginning soon, a specialized team will initiate a long-term project that will give foreUP users meaningful insights into their business operations. We firmly believe that this feature will set us apart from our competition and exemplify our mission here at foreUP to help golf courses operate more efficiently and at higher profitability. Helping a customer

It’s About the User

In the product room at foreUP, we constantly ask ourselves one question: what can we do to make this software better for our users? That questions drives everything we do as a Product Team and as a company, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the upcoming features that will give our users continually better experiences and ever-increasing profitability and satisfaction.

If you would like to join to beta testing groups for these or other features, or if you have any ideas for how to make the foreUP software better, please contact my team at