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As a savvy golf course owner, you know it’s important to have the right tools in place not only to make your job easier, but to provide a smooth experience for your customers and members.

One of those tools includes a tee time software that is easy to use for both your employees as well as your members. It must be user friendly. It must be fluid and intuitive. And, it should also have an analytics function which will allow you to understand your customers’ behavior and give you a snapshot of how your golf course is doing.

That’s why we built our foreUP Tee Time Software. We wanted to deliver a tee time software solution that will be easy to use and require little training.

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By taking advantage of cloud based technology, foreUP’s Tee Time Software can be setup in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require additional costs of flying an expert out to teach you how to use the system.

That same technology means every piece of information that needs to be saved is saved automatically in real time. At the same time, it eliminates the need for high-capacity server computers at the golf course.

Scheduling tee time is easy and intuitive: simply click on the desired time slot, enter member information and click on “Reserve.”  Your customer’s information such as email and phone number are automatically saved in a database so you can easily stay in touch with them.

Thanks to drag and drop solutions, you can easily change the time and the date of a reservation. You can also set specific times for tournaments, leagues, and events; as well as block out specific hours and mark them as not available due to various weather conditions.

Another easy to use feature is setting up repeatable tee times since many golfers like to have a few tee times throughout the month. Instead of manually entering repeat tee times separately, you can simply right-click on a reserved tee time and set it to repeat at specific time intervals.

When it comes to your members using the online booking system, it’s just as easy for them as it is for you.

The online interface will show them time slots available so they only need to select the desired time slot, click on the number of players in their team and then click on the “Reserve” button. They will instantly receive a confirmation email with all of the details. which reduces the amount of no-shows and late arrivals (and making you more money). Since foreUP’s Tee Time Software is cloud based, online reservations can be made even when your members are on the go, using a tablet or a smartphone.

Do you have questions? Want to know more about a particular feature? Request a demo today with one of our foreUP representatives.

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