5 Incredible April Marketing Ideas

The cold, dark winter months have dragged on here at foreUP. Thankfully, the snows are finally behind us (we hope!), and the golf season has officially begun.

The beginning of spring and the start of a new year of golf brings with it many new options for marketing your course. Below, we list:


5 Promotions for the Start of Your Season

Golf Season

This one’s pretty obvious, but given how passionate golfers are about their sport, you can never remind them too many times that the greens are open again. A great way to capitalize on this is by starting a season launch campaign, selling a series of rounds to your most loyal customers, just as a way to celebrate the start of a new season.


Tax Season Consolation Coupon

Nobody likes Tax Day, especially when it falls so close to the Masters. Send your players an empathetic email offering them a discount to help them get through this hard time. Conversely, you could frame it as a great way to spend their tax return. Either way, they’ll be grateful for a bit of cheery golf in such a stressful time.


golfShoppingSpring Clean Your Gear

If your inventory has piled up over the winter, hold a “spring cleaning” sale, reminding golfers to part with their outdated gear and get the best deals on the year’s top brands.

Baseball Season

America’s second-favorite pastime provides a clever branding for a promotion. For example, you could offer “spring training” coupons for discounted lessons with your head pro, or sell a lesson bundle at a special price.


Rainy Golf Day by Brian HuffApril Showers

With all this unpredictable weather we’ve been having this year, it seems like the sun is just barely beginning to poke its head out before another storm comes. Offer a 2-for-1 deal, good for any day in April, couching it as insurance against a rainy day. At least one of the rounds will be sunny!


Of course, some of these ideas aren’t perfect for every course, and every operator has to plan and implement the best kind of promotions for their course. But staying aware of the time of year and planning promotions based on that can be a powerful way for your course or club to bring in revenue from all your golf-hungry players.