Announcing ALL NEW Mobile Check In

check in

In an effort to give you the tools you need to operate safely, we have hurried along production of an exciting new feature: Mobile Check In!

Picture it: A player books their tee time, pays for their tee time, checks in, and then just walks up to the first tee when it’s time. Your Marshall glances down at their phone to verify that they are checked in, and the round starts with almost no effort on your part whatsoever. And, more importantly, without getting too close. This is the future of business!

Now, you can utilize mobile check in to replace physical check in, including allowing the guest to complete payment if you elected to not require online payments at the time the reservation is made.

Your golfers already receive automated confirmation messages when they schedule a tee time. Those emails will now include a link inviting them to check in when they are ready. They can then click “Pay Now” and be taken to an online portal where they’ll be able to review their booking information and pay for their tee times.

If the golfer has already paid, the email will only ask them to check in.

This new feature alleviates the need to have someone standing at the door to check in the next group. If you are using this in conjunction with the digital starter sheet, the Marshall knows immediately who has checked in and who has not.


How do I get Mobile Check In turned on?

The following 5 steps will help you get Mobile Check In turned on:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click ‘Online Customer Portal’
  3. Click ‘Online Reservations’
  4. Select a Tee Sheet
  5. Check the box in the left-hand column that says ‘Allow Mobile Check-in’

That’s it! If you are having trouble, reach out to our support team or your account manager and they can help you get set up.

checkInMobile Check In vs Require Online Payment 

Mobile Check In reduces barriers to booking a reservation during these uncertain times. Some golfers may hesitate to pay for a tee time online a couple of days out when these times are uncertain. Mobile Check In gives the golfer the flexibility to book a tee time and pay at any point leading up to their tee time.


Our goal was to get Mobile Check In released as soon as possible. We want to put as many tools in your hands so you can succeed right now.

With that being said, we know things will only get better and we rely on your feedback to help us create a product that works the way you need it to. Please submit your feedback on our PRODUCT BOARD so we can make Mobile Check In even better.