A Letter from foreUP Founder and CEO

I hope you will forgive me for hijacking foreUP’s 12th day of Christmas.

I feel the need to share how much I truly respect and look up to each and every one of you. Running a golf course is not easy, it requires long hours, and at times is beyond stressful. You work from dawn to dusk. A simple 40-hour work week isn’t something you’ve seen in years. Tuesday you’re greeting customers in the pro shop, Friday you’re in your office organizing an 80-person tournament, and on Saturday you’re on the 13th fairway fixing a broken sprinkler head. You do it all, and it’s inspiring. This kind of work ethic isn’t often found in other industries and among other professionals. Thank you for being the example that powers the motivation within foreUP.

I trust you have enjoyed the “foreUP 12 Days of Christmas.” This is something we do every year, and has become a favorite among annual foreUP traditions.

Each day’s new release isn’t just a shiny new enhancement within the foreUP software. As you know by now, monthly emails are flooding your inbox to share new feature releases all year long. So what makes these 12 daily releases so special?

To everyone at foreUP, the 12 Days of Christmas tradition is special because it is an extreme labor of love to orchestrate and provide so many great features so quickly.

At a time of year when most companies tend to slow down, I am proud to offer these as a testament that foreUP is committed to you. You inspire us, and I want to reciprocate that the best way we know how. What’s more, the thing that makes these special enhancements truly unique is that each and every one of them has come directly from you. Your input is truly what drives this company forward. I want to thank you for trusting us, for joining the foreUP family, and for being our partner.

Upon concluding the foreUP 12-days of Christmas, I want you to know that things are still busy in the foreUP office. In the next 60-days you are going to continue to see massive product enhancements within foreUP; a completely new Marketing suite loaded with email templates, full mobile tablet support, deeply integrated employee permission settings, and so much more.

Thank you for trusting foreUP to support your golf course. I am proud to be in business with you. On behalf of myself and everyone at foreUP, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming year.


Joel Ragar
CEO, Founder