5 Tips for High-Converting Golf Course Social Posts

When it comes to creating a successful social media strategy for your golf course, you need to create content that actually converts your followers into golfers. While likes, shares, and comments are nice, having your tee times and membership numbers increase is much more valuable.

Whether you are struggling to come up with content ideas or are simply ready to change your social media strategy, consider these five content examples for your social media.

Educational Content

Almost across the board, your “target audience” (aka golfers) wants to learn more about the sport and how to improve their game. This should also be what YOU want; after all, they are more likely to come when they have new tricks to try, or just some background knowledge so they don’t show up and embarrass themselves.

You can expect them to stop scrolling and start reading on your course’s social media when your content is actually interesting and/or helpful. Hopefully that valuable content will drive traffic not just to your social pages, but to your facility overall.

When providing educational content, mix it up with pictures, video, and written content. This keeps your material fresh and ensures that your audience comes back for more.

Brand Advocates

When it comes to making any decision, your followers are more likely to trust other members of the golfing community than they are your marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is still incredibly important in this digital age. Prospective customers are much more likely to trust past and current members more than to trust the golf course promoting itself.

By featuring your brand advocates in your social media strategy, you will showcase your golf course from the eyes of your members. Feature a range of individuals, including long-time members and first-time golfers. Use both pictures and video testimonials to keep the authenticity of their statements.

Behind The Scenes Views

Followers on your social media accounts thoroughly enjoy seeing beautiful pictures of golf courses. Your crew, the tools, and perfectly cut greens capture the attention of your audience online.

By showcasing how you maintain your golf course, you are explaining to your audience how their membership is put to use. The better your course looks and the community that cares for it, the higher number of memberships you can expect to gain.

Discounts & Promos

Everyone loves a discount, so use that to your advantage. You can use your social media platforms to promote any discounts you have available. Whether you are offering a discount on tee times, membership, or purchases from your pro shop, your followers are sure to engage with your content.

Social Media Contest

When your followers feel like they have the opportunity to win something from a social media contest, they will both engage with the post and convert to a customer at your golf course. A social media contest is a well-known tactic for improving sign-ups and tee times.

You can make the contest as simple or complex as you desire. From a simple birdie challenge to the golfer with the best score on five different holes, these contests drive competition. Everyone wants to be the best and win the coveted prize.

Additional Tips

In addition to using these social media post examples, make sure you always include a call-to-action on your post. This will help improve sign-ups for tee times and membership.

If you create specific landing pages for your social media strategy, you can then track how many golfers convert from your social media strategy! You can use one general landing page or create specific pages for each type of social media post.

Furthermore, you want to create content for your audience. You may have different types of followers on Facebook or Instagram, so make sure you adjust the social media content to resonate with those individuals.

If you are interested in learning how foreUP can help you with your social media marketing strategy, request a free demo today!