40 Fun & Unique Golf Gift Ideas

When you want to find a great gift for the golf enthusiast in your life, you don’t want to just rely
on equipment. For something more unusual, check out our list of fun golf ideas to make an

1. ProActive Bad Day Golf Ball Gag Gift
This static detail makes it look like any window has had an unfortunate collision with a golf ball–the perfect prank for after you’ve gone golfing with your buddies.

2. ProActive Sports Golf Club Gofer Headcover
For the perfect mix of laughs and practicality, let this gopher headcover protect your golfer’s clubs from any scratches and scrapes in the bag.

3. Novelty BBQ Tools
For the golfers who just can’t their head out of the game even while they’re at the grill, this BBQ
set comes with all the necessary tools stylized to look like golf clubs. It even comes with a golf
bag-like carrying case.

4. Uro Club Golf Portable Urinal
If you have that friend who can never seem to make it through the course without needing to use
the restroom, this “club” makes the perfect gag gift.

5. Golfer Word Art
For a customizable gift, consider ordering golfer word art, which makes the shape of a golfer with words that you choose.

6. Golf Gifts & Gallery Piddle Poop and Putt
There’s no better time for putt-putt than when you’re on the potty.

7. This Is How I Roll Golf Cart Mug
Let your favorite golfer get the right start to their morning.

8. Par Three Putting Green
For an in-home practice putting green that gives you different angles and a sand pit challenge,
look no further.

9. MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack
It takes balls to golf, and where better to store them than here?

10. ProActive Floating Golf Ball
If you’re gonna go for a joke ball, might as well pick one that’s easy to salvage from the water.

11. Golf Quiet Please Sign
Sometimes people don’t take silence on the golf course seriously. This novelty paddle is for just
those times.

12. Schwetty Balls
There’s only one outcome after a long day on the green.

13. Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers
If you don’t have the heart to tell someone why they and golf don’t get along, you can let this
book do it for you. It has the added bonus of having 52 chapters of correctional advice for anyone’s bad golfing habits.

14. ProActive Foot Wedge Golf Gag Gift
Some golfers will do anything to try to lower their score, including attaching the wedge to their foot…

15. Golfer Golf Degree Diploma
Another customizable gift to commemorate your favorite golfer’s graduation from the prestigious Golfing University.

16. Golf Ball Pick Up
Whether you want to make life easier for an older golfer or make a crack at your friend who
doesn’t want to exert any extra effort, this pick-up attaches to the end of any golf club for an easy ball pick up.

17. Farting Golf Ball
This motion activated ball is perfect for a prank–it jumps, wobbles, and makes noises.

18. ProActive Giggle Putt Trick Golf Ball
For another ball that doesn’t keep quiet, set this ball up and wait for the laughter to start once it
starts rolling.

19. Hole in One Golf Hat
This beret brings the green closer than ever.

20. Hardcore Ball Markers
Bring a little flair to your golfer’s game with this tattoo-style skull and crossed golf club ball

21. “I Golf Therefore I Am Not Here” Doormat
This fun doormat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

22. ProActive Golfers Crotch Hook
Some golfers need a little help keeping their head down on the ball.

23. If You Can Read This, I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks
For a gag gift that will stick around, this pair of socks says exactly what the golfer in your life is
probably thinking.

24. Exploding Golf Balls
Drop one of these balls into the game when your buddy’s lost his and get ready for an explosion
of powder that’ll make a great story to tell later.

25. Kikkerland Putter Cup Golf Mug
This mug set comes with a mini ball and golf club that doubles as a pen.

26. The Unputtable Wobbling Golf Ball
Another great gag ball to give your friends a surprise.

27. Sock It To Me Par 4 Crew Socks
A comfy men’s sock design that lets them enjoy the view of the green, no matter where they are.

28. Personalized Golf Awards
When you really want a gift unlike any other, immortalize your golfer’s scorecard or game
achievement into a stylish piece of art for their wall.

29. I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie T-Shirt
You other golfers can’t deny.

30. Golf Gifts & Gallery Kooler Klub
This drink dispenser fits right in with the rest of your clubs for a leisurely day on the green.

31. Happy 40th Birthday ForeTee & Fabulous Ball Pack
A golfer only turns forty once, and this is the perfect gift for the occasion.

32. Retro Head Covers
Add these knitted wool head covers with pom-pom toppers to your golfer’s bag for an
unmistakable style.

33. Golf Door Stopper
This door stopper doesn’t just look cute–you can also use it for putting practice!

34. Golf Club Coat Rack
Take on this DIY project and re-purpose old golf club heads for a practical and fun purpose.

35. Desktop Golf
Another great way to practice golf at the desk.

36. Premium Emoji Golf Balls
These golf balls make for a fun gift that won’t get lost easily.

37. Eject-Putt Golf Prank
Slip this prank tool in the hole, and it’ll send the ball right back out at the person who thought
they nailed the shot.

38. Custom Golfer Toilet Paper
Some days, you just golf like crap.

39. Loser’s Golf Balls
These green balls are destined to get lost on the green–and to pull a laugh from the recipient.

40. Golf Pen Set
This desktop game comes with three different golf club pens to share the fun with friends.
With so many great golf gifts out there, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect one for
the golfers in your life.