24/7 Golf Booking

In today’s day and age, an increasing number of service providers are moving their services online in the cloud. You can book almost anything online – from flight reservations to hotel reservations. It’s no wonder more and more golf courses are giving golfers the ability to book their tee times online.

With ForeUP Software solutions, golfers can now easily book tee times 24/7 without having to make a phone call. This is especially useful in a situation where a phone call cannot be made, such as at work. What’s more, because the booking happens online, your customers can easily book their tee time on their own laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone.


The booking interface is designed to adapt to any device which means it will provide a seamless booking experience to your customers no matter which device they use to book their tee time.

Making a reservation is as simple as visiting your online booking link, clicking on the desired time slot, specifying the number of players and clicking on the “Book” button.

After selecting their desired time, golfers can log in to their existing account or create a new one to complete the registration process.

All online bookings are immediately synced with tee time software which means you can easily see how many bookings were made during the night. Allowing your customers to book even during the off hours leads to an increase in revenue because the software is doing the job for you.

Booking online also gives you the ability to collect customer contact information that can be used for future marketing purposes. Every customer booking online is required to provide their email address and phone number.

Foreup customer

Their contact information is then sent straight to the golf course’s customer database list for marketing which allows you to send them promotional offers and reminders via email or text messages.

To summarize the main benefits, more and more customers are getting used to booking everything online either from the comfort of their home or while on the go, whether they are using a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. This leads to a fantastic customer experience which makes your golfers eager to come back time and time again.

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