10DLC – New vetting requirements and how they affect your marketing

If you regularly reach your customers with text marketing, you’re likely aware of the 10-Digit Long Code, a kind of phone number intended specifically to enable businesses to send high-volume texts and/or make phone calls. With a higher send capacity and throughput, 10DLCs are designed for business use.  

The 10DLC is not to be confused with the short code – a typically more expensive and harder-to-acquire number commonly utilized for two-factor authentication, larger marketing campaigns, and notifications. The short code is also characterized by more stringent regulation – being overseen by the FCC, mobile carriers, CTIA, and the Common Short Code Administration. 

Benefits of the 10DLC: 

  • Increased deliverability – 10DLC numbers are less frequently tagged as spam or blocked by carrier settings because they’re designated specifically as business numbers, so higher output is expected. 
  • Augmented scalability – If you intend to grow your business in any way, the 10DLC will serve you better than a shared short code or traditional individual phone number. The 10DLC’s increased throughput, or the ability to send messages to more recipients simultaneously, avoids the downfalls of bottlenecked communication and creates timelier engagement with your audience… so you can grow your marketing alongside your business’ success. 
  • Cost effectiveness – Smaller businesses can still utilize text message marketing thanks to competitive pricing available from companies like Plivo, which offers an affordable alternative to dedicated short codes without the requirement of extensive monthly fees or complicated setup. 
  • Better compliance? This is where things have changed. 

Legislation in recent years has mandated new vetting requirements for 10DLCs. Where 10DLCs are already registered with carriers – which improves legitimacy – these new regulations also require additional steps to keep your text marketing compliant. 10DLCs need to be registered with the Campaign Registry, which requires a small monthly fee. Approval must be acquired before a 10DLC number can be utilized, which can mean two to three weeks of waiting before messages can be sent. 

While these details may seem dizzying, foreUP’s text message marketing is set up to help you handle these new requirements. You can register your business and apply for approval from within the Marketing Module, allowing you direct access to engage with your customers. Our system is fully compliant with new regulations, meaning you’ll be able to get right back to scheduling marketing messages in no time.  

How do I verify my business through foreUP? 

  1. Within foreUP’s Marketing Module, go to settings. 
  2. Click on the Business Details* section and then click on the Business Verification section  
  3. Fill out the Legal Business Details section. Make sure to fill it out with the facility’s legal business name and employee identification number.  
  4. Select Verify Account. Once verification is achieved, this button will change to indicate the business has been verified.
    *Please note – Opt-in and Opt-out messaging can be updated within these settings if desired. 

That’s all! After this, it’s simple to submit text message campaigns for approval and schedule them. 

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