[box]24/7 Online Tee Times and Customer Data Collection[/box]




  • 24/7 Tee Time Bookings

  • Collect Customer Contact Information

  • Increase Revenues

  • Decrease Phone Calls

  • Fantastic Customer Experience

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Online booking has captured flight and hotel reservations, and is now becoming very popular at golf courses. Golfers can now book online tee times 24/7 at your course without having to make a phone call.  It is sure nice opening the tee sheet in the morning and seeing new reservations that have been made over night. Online tee times not only decreases the amount of phone calls at the course, but is also a great method for collecting customer contact information that can be used for future marketing purposes.


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  • Customer Data Collection: An email and phone # is required of every customer booking online. All contact information is then sent straight to the golf course’s customer database list for marketing
  • 24/7  Online Tee Time Booking Engine: Open tee times can be viewed and booked online 24/7. All online bookings are immediately streamlined into the tee time software
  • Booking Rules: Booking rules can easily be implemented[/tab] [tab]


  • Customers can check for open tee times 24/7
  • Decrease in the amount of reservation phone calls
  • Convenient method for customers booking tee times at work or other locations where phone calls cannot be made

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