Intuitive Golf Course Reports

Stay informed with intuitive golf course reports that provide all needed information. Summary, detailed, and graphical golf course reports are offered for all areas of operations at the course.


Graphical, Summary, and Detailed Reports: Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports are provided

  • Sales: All sales transactions through the golf point of sale are reported and saved within the system.
  • Inventory: All inventory is accounted for and tracked through the system. View best selling merchandise and merchandise that have the best margins
  • Customers: Keep track of every customer and their spending trends
  • Employees: View all sales completed by each employee
  • Categories: View reports on all sales within each category of the pro shop and course
  • Payments: Keep track of the amount of each payment type going through the golf pos (CC, Cash, Check, etc.)
  • Items: Look at specific reports of each item at the golf course
  • Taxes: View daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly taxes
  • Discounts: Keep track of all discount percentages at the course
  • Gift Cards: Keep track of all gift cards
  • Suppliers/Receivings: View suppliers and all receivings of shipments at the course
  • Account Balances: Stay informed with every customer’s account balance
  • Rainchecks: View all rainchecks issued and their balances[/tab] [tab]


  • Be informed of margins and how to maximize revenue
  • Tax reports make tax season a breeze
  • Stay informed with every aspect at the golf course
  • Stay on track and informed on reaching certain revenue goals
  • Easy imports/exports through Microsoft Excel
  • Safety and Security reports for cash management