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Worried About Marketing Your Golf Course?

The summer months are in full swing, and groups of golfers dot your greens all day. You get along well with your customers, and they enjoy coming to say hi and play a round.

But when the sun goes down, the bar goes quiet, and you’re left alone to lock things up, there’s always that nagging thought that despite everything you’re doing to connect with customers and bring new ones to the course, you know there’s something more—you’re just not quite sure what that is.

Graph_EditedYou may have looked at various marketing solutions, but their one-size-fits-all option seemed to fit every course but yours.

Great news! You can put those thoughts to rest, because we have built a program just for you. It’s called foreUP Marketing Premier, and it gives you the tools, strategies, and assistance you need to succeed.

No ‘One Size Fits All’ Course Marketing

computer_eyeglass_resizedWe understand that every golf course has different needs, so we decided not to give the same solution to every course. You can choose (and we can help you) how many tools your course needs and which ones will help you reach the most customers.

But we don’t just give you the technology and hope that you figure it out. We have a dedicated Marketing Coach to help you understand how best to use these tools. They’ll give you suggestions based on your course’s data to help you find the best marketing strategy for your course.

There are 3 parts of Marketing Premier:

  1. Dedicated Marketing Coach & Custom Strategies
  2. All foreUP Marketing Tools 
  3. Integrated Partner Application

person_arrows_grey_resizedforeUP Marketing Coach

  1. Your coach will help you build a custom marketing plan based on live data from your course.
  2. Your coach will walk you or your team through the plan, train them to use the programs, and deploy the marketing strategies easily and effectively.

foreUP Marketing Tools

  1. Email Marketing: This is foreUP’s most powerful marketing tool, but it requires a certain level of dedication to get it right. The Marketing Coach will help you tailor the right message, to the right person, and send it the right way.
  2. Text Marketing: 80% of players use texting to coordinate rounds with their friends. Our coach will show you how to use text marketing on and off the course to market your course, drive sales, and increase repeat play.
  3. Computer_Target_ResizedIVR: A personal touch when booking guests is great, as long as you don’t have to neglect guests at the course to do it. Our IVR allows you to book tee times even when you’re busy with other guests or not at the course to take calls.
  4. Online Specials: In addition to IVR, you can have more face-to-face interaction when customers book online.

Partner Integration Applications

We have a rapidly-growing suite of golf technology applications available from some of our all-star partners. These apps help courses manage anything from dynamic pricing to marketing, and several of them will be available as part of the Marketing Premier program.

Here are a few:

swell_iconSwell CX makes collecting online reviews from customers a breeze. Swell CX simplifies the process of getting customers to post reviews on the sites that matter most to your business, all in matter of seconds.

Players1stPlayers 1st is a golfer experience tool that gives you real-time insight into your players’ experiences, opinions and feedback. Listening to and learning about your customers gives you unmatched marketing power, and Players 1st makes it simple to see the data

18Birdies-App-Icon-2018-DarkGrey-218Birdies Course Essentials rewards both golfers and courses for participation at your facility. As your course community grows, you will not only reap financial rewards, but you’ll unlock additional tools to better understand and engage your local golfers to build your community even faster.

eWofM big eServing brands from Papa Murphy’s to Biltmore Arizona, eWORDofMOUTH’s fully-integrated, automated loyalty marketing system eliminates player and pro shop friction by removing dependencies on mobile app downloads, cards, account tracking, tablets, and complicated redemption procedures.

So what does all this add up to? foreUP Marketing Premier not only gives you the tools and technology you need to effectively market you course, it gives you a personalized plan of action to use them. You can let go of those persistent doubts and worries and get the education you need to reach your customers.

To learn more, go HERE.