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Why You Need Modern Food & Beverage Software

For just about any resort or country club, the Food and Beverage Department is a crucial source of revenue. However, with a huge number of service variables and inventory fluctuations, food and beverage management can quickly become extremely complicated. Unfortunately for restaurants that still cling to old-school management systems, today’s customer has come to expect the kind of streamlined service that can only be provided with modern software calling the shots behind the scenes. It’s time to update your management software, and it may be more beneficial than you think.

Benefits to your customer

Your customer won’t even know you’re using the very best modern food and beverage software, but their experience will be better for it. For example, orders will be received in the kitchen as soon as the server enters them into a smart device. Fewer trips to the kitchen mean faster service. Splitting checks is no longer an issue — the software makes even complex payment scenarios quick and painless. The software is easily customized, too, so you can make adjustments to match your restaurant’s needs and make it easy for your staff to learn and to use.

Split Checks

Benefits to your business

Food and beverage management software saves your club time and money. Customizable seating charts allow your guests to be seated more efficiently and more fairly for servers. Seating features also analyze turn time so you can see if individual servers need additional training. Orders are placed more quickly and more accurately, so you’ll see faster service with fewer errors. Well-designed food and beverage software works in conjunction with your Point-of Sale (POS) software to adjust inventory in real time, so you’ll have precise data to increase purchase accuracy and reduce waste. Additional features include individual shift reports, SwipeCard login, and accurate tip entry and sharing.

The gold standard

Every feature described in this article is included with foreUP’s Club Management Software. Our food and beverage software is just one silo of the cloud-based Club Management System. That means that your food and beverage data is included in the main database that oversees the entire resort — it’s communicating in real time with every other department for an extremely efficient, fully integrated database. All of your departments will be working in unison to save your club time and money and dramatically improve your customer experience. foreUP food and beverage software also provides bulletproof reliability and 100% mobility — it can be accessed and used on any smart device.

Your food and beverage sales represent a significant source of club revenue and an everyday opportunity to wow your clientele. Modern software systems will increase your ROI immediately. Update your management systems with software that benefits your customers and your staff and drives your club’s success.