Why You Need Club Management Software

The golf and country club industries are famous for their adherence to tradition and heritage and, accordingly, resistance to change. We’re never surprised when we walk into a club office to discover filing cabinets, calculators, and paper calendars being used. In fact, we get a little giddy because we see a huge opportunity for improvement. We’ve learned that the most technology-resistant teams soon become the most grateful when they discover the huge improvement that a well-designed software for club management can make for the club, its employees, and its members.

What is club management software?

You probably guessed that top club management software takes care of your reservations, payments, and point-of-sale (POS) needs. However, well-designed software incorporates much more. Club management system software, such as foreUP, simplifies all your back-office operations, increasing efficiency and driving revenue and occupancy. At the same time, automation improves the customer experience with a beautiful website, online reservations, faster, simpler transactions, and a full customer service suite that can be accessed from any smart device. We can’t speak for the other guys, but we can tell you what foreUP club member management software can do for you.

What specific areas does foreUP software cover?

Point of Sale

POS SoftwarePOS software takes center stage during any transaction. For this reason, our POS software is customizable, extremely reliable, absolutely user-friendly and, as with any user-facing online technology, completely mobile. At the same time, our POS software links all your data to a central club database that will access club and customer data and update in real time. It saves customer data, holds reservations, removes purchased items from inventory, and performs hundreds of other tasks — all without occupying employee time or making a single mistake.

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage is an important source of revenue for just about any club, but it can quickly become complex and difficult to manage. foreUP’s food and beverage management software covers every aspect of the department – from ordering to inventory to guest seating – all in an intuitive, user-friendly format that ties into the club’s central database. The system is easily customizable and accessible on any mobile device to allow greater flexibility. Finally, the software provides valuable tools that aren’t possible without automation, such as individual employee shift reports and custom employee permissions.

Customizable Food and Beverage Software

Decrease Processing Fees with ACH

The modern billing features that many guests have come to expect cannot be implemented efficiently without robust billing software. ACH payments and automated finance charges save money for both your club and your customers. An exclusive billing portal makes it easier for guests to view and pay their bills, and automatically prompts guests to take advantage of other available features. Between integrated ACH, automated invoice scheduling, and bulk invoice editing, our billing software saves you and your customers time and money.

Custom Website Creation

These days, the first impression many potential clients will have of your club is your website. Our marketing specialists will work with you to create a site that captures what your club is all about. We specialize in beautiful, user-friendly sites that speak to your targeted demographics. Our custom websites allow users to conveniently perform tasks, such as booking reservations and making payments, that would normally eat up your employees’ time. We even assist with search engine optimization to increase site performance and perform maintenance to ensure your site stays up and running with zero downtime.


Club marketing emails

Marketing Tools

We put powerful tools, such as email and text marketing, at your fingertips. A library of images and email templates makes it easy to create professional-quality marketing emails to drive greater occupancy. Robust group and one-to-one texting let you notify guests of events, news, and holidays. We also provide carefully selected marketing tools from across the industry and easy-to-use reporting tools to empower you to create a marketing program that dramatically increases sales and reservations.

The benefits of club member management software

foreUP membership club management software increases efficiency. It reduces the amount of time that your staff spends on everyday tasks, such as manual data entry, that can be easily automated. It also eliminates the inevitable errors that come with being human. It centralizes all your data, and puts a beautiful online face on your club, and it attracts new clients. The bottom line — foreUP club management software makes life better for you and for your customer.

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