What is Black Friday in a Box?

In marketing, if you’re not two steps ahead, you’re already behind. That’s why we want you to tackle Black Friday early this year — because if you wait until November to plan your Black Friday marketing, you just might be too late.

But you won’t be facing Black Friday alone. Here at foreUP, we pride ourselves on helping our clients in any areas they need assistance, guidance, or just an extra pair of hands.


For foreUP Marketing Services users, Black Friday is a big deal with courses averaging over $11,000 just in holiday sales, with some clients even reaching sales over $75,000! And whether you’re breaking the foreUP record or your personal record, we want to help you make this Black Friday your most lucrative yet.

How are we going to do that? Well, we’re not. You are — with our new (Digital) Black Friday in a Box.


Black Friday in a Box

What’s inside?

  • Canva templates
  • Email templates
  • Advertisement copy templates
  • Step-by-step software guides
  • And more!

Our marketing and fMS teams want you to have the most lucrative Black Friday possible, so we’ve been working to compile everything you need to succeed. Now all you have to do is download the templates and instructions and make them work for you.

Here’s how you can maximize your Black Friday marketing:

1. Download the box.

You’ll receive access to your own Black Friday in a Box when you sign up HERE. From there, follow the website prompts to get your hands on all the templates you’re interested in. Maybe you’ll use one, maybe you’ll take them all — either way, it’s completely free.

2. Customize your content.

There are tons of templates included in the kit. You’ll need to take the examples and make them your own. Some of the copy templates will require you to fill in the blanks with information like your golf course’s name or a specific sale you’ll be running, while others will be one-and-done.

If you want to make changes to any of the templates, from Canva to copy, feel free — these are meant to be a jumping-off point for your marketing, and you have the power to keep it simple or mix it up!

3. Make sure your software is ready.

If you’re running special deals on items like passes or gift cards, you’ll need to be sure that your foreUP software is set up correctly. We’ve included step-by-step instructions within the kit on how to make any changes you may need, or how to simply double-check that your software is ready to go. It’s important to make sure your customers will actually be able to make purchases when Black Friday really comes around!

4. Spread the word.

Once you’ve customized your templates, you’re ready to send materials out to your customers. Whether you’ll be using emails, texts, or social media, getting a buzz going around your upcoming Black Friday deals is vital to getting more customers to participate.

Getting a head start on Black Friday will increase your customers’ knowledge of your sale, and in turn, increase the profits you make this year.

We’ve created the templates so that you can personalize the marketing, because you know your course better than anyone. Download foreUP’s Black Friday in a Box to get started today — you’ll only have yourself to thank!

Not a foreUP client? Request a demo today to find out what we are all about.