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Understanding Golf Course Reservation Systems

Consumers make reservations everywhere now — movie theaters, restaurants, concerts, fitness classes, and more — and making reservations for a tee time at a golf course is nothing new. Golfers are more than accustomed to securing their time slot in advance before they hit the links. But courses that still require golfers to call the pro shop to make these reservations are losing customers and losing money because there is an easier, better way.

With a smartphone in hand, a golfer can make a reservation at a nearby course or club with a few taps of the screen. Do you prefer the old school slow, manual phone call or a fast, automated reservation experience? For a majority of golfers, the answer is clear. That’s why golf businesses are making the switch to golf course reservation systems.


What does a golf course reservation system do?

Adopting new technology often sounds intimidating, but golf course reservation systems are incredibly simple in practice. First, the administrative team at your golf course gets in touch with a golf technology provider like foreUP. From there, a foreUP implementation specialist will walk you through the process, explaining everything you need to know in detail, getting all of the details secured and answering any questions you have. Once your course goes live with new technology, your reservation system will begin changing the way your entire business operates.

A golf course reservation system is created to automate and simplify the booking and reservation process for tee times at your course or club. The powerful foreUP tee sheet software includes an online booking engine and smart automation, which allows your employees to stop taking phone calls and continue providing excellent customer service to the golfers already onsite.

Reservation software also provides more power to your loyal customers, giving them the ability to create and edit their upcoming reservations whenever they feel the desire to golf. With booking available 24/7 you’ll find reservations coming in even when your team has gone home for the night. Additional capabilities like requiring prepayment on all tee times will improve your processes, occupancy, and revenue.

Why should I get a golf reservation system?

Since every golf business is unique, the specific changes and benefits that come from implementing powerful reservation software vary from course to course. But nearly 2,000 foreUP clients can attest to the value of golf reservation tools and software.

A recent study conducted at foreUP found that no-shows can cost golf courses more than $300,000 per year in lost revenue. Real courses with outdated booking processes are losing massive amounts of money because golfers aren’t showing up for scheduled tee times or turning to competitors that provide a simpler process for creating a reservation.

The study wasn’t all bad news though — courses that implemented golf course reservation systems that included online prepayment requirements saw a massive change in their number of no-show golfers, with the rate of golfers showing up for scheduled tee times going from 71% to 95%.

If you don’t already have a golf course reservation system, it’s time for you to get one! Businesses like yours that are using foreUP are seeing huge turnarounds on lost profits and golfers, and your course could too.

If you currently have a golf course reservation system that isn’t powered by foreUP and are unhappy with its performance, it’s time to look around. We are confident that foreUP can help boost your revenue with our golf course reservation system.

Ready to get the industry’s best golf course reservation system? Get a free foreUP demo today.