The PGA Merchandise Show Is the Premier Event for Golf Professionals

PGA members and golf professionals involved in buying and selling equipment within the golf community will gather in Orlando January 23rd -January 26th to demo an astounding variety of golf equipment from all the major brands.

This extravaganza is a wonderful opportunity to not only see and test out the latest golfing equipment, but to network with industry professionals, meet with manufacturers and distributors, and attend valuable educational sessions. Learn more about this exciting event and how your golf or pro shop might benefit from attending.

Who Is Invited to Attend?

The PGA Merchandise Show has a strict policy limiting attendance to PGA members who are qualified golf industry professionals. This event is intended to help industry professionals find the latest merchandise, network with those in their industry, and make valuable connections with manufacturers and distributers.

Those invited to attend include:

  • Procurement specialists for golf facilities and golf courses.
  • Golf course owners, managers, and presidents.
  • Golf/pro shop managers and owners.
  • Golf instructors and coaches.
  • PGA and LPGA professionals.
  • Any other golf industry professional involved in the buying or selling of golf related merchandise and equipment.

While the purpose and attendance of this event is limited, that does not mean that this will be a small event. Over 40,000 industry leaders from over 79 countries attend the PGA Merchandise Show. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to meet with professionals in their industry from around the world.

Grow Your Business

The main purpose of the PGA Merchandise Show is to help golf industry professionals grow their businesses and find ways to increase profits. One of the best ways to do this is to stay ahead of the curve with equipment, technology, and products. The show will feature over 1,110 interactive exhibits. Get a jump on your competition at the show by being one of the first to see the latest golf equipment demoed. Learn how to market these selections from professionals in the industry as they showcase their products at the event.

Gain a reputation for your business as the source for the latest in innovative designs as your company becomes one of the first to offer the products that golfers will be demanding in the coming months. Make your business a go-to source for the latest technology, and feel confident in demonstrating and using the equipment for potential buyers in your store.

Learn Business Strategy

Not only will these amazing products be demonstrated and available for your business, but you can gain valuable education and information, which can reinforce and improve your golf business expertise. The PGA Merchandise Show now offers three educational tracks, including Executive Management, Teaching and Coaching, and Golf Operations. These courses will enrich your business development and help you be more successful at the business side of operations.

Led by industry and professional experts, the courses offered through these educational opportunities will give you a business edge that is firmly focused on the specialized concerns of the golf industry professional.

Develop Invaluable Contacts

When problems arise for your business, knowing who to call to clear up a problem, or for valuable advice in handling an issue, can make all the difference in the world. This is the area where the PGA Merchandise show really shines. You can you meet with people just like you from around the country and around the world running businesses similar to yours and facing similar problems. Additionally, you have the opportunity to meet directly with representatives from the manufacturers of the products you sell every day.

Knowing others who are successful in your industry can provide an invaluable resource for advice and ideas for promoting and growing your business. Too often we can get lost in the tunnel vision of dealing with everyday problems, and lose sight of larger goals and aspirations along the way. Being familiar with others in a similar situation can provide you a growing resource of ideas that have worked, and ways that plans have failed, to help you continue the trajectory of your business in a positive direction.

Having a contact in the manufacturing or distribution chain of a product can be invaluable when clearing up problems with an overdue shipment or backorder. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn the business a little from their perspective to help you gain insight on what causes those delays when they occur.

The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show Exhibits

One of the most exciting parts of the PGA Merchandise Show is seeing the latest in equipment and technology for this year. The 2018 show in Orlando promises to deliver some exciting displays as well. The PGA Show Demo Day is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The event will showcase the finest golf equipment manufacturers demonstrating new golf clubs, golf balls, grips, instructional aids and much more. This is the can’t miss event of the year for seeing the latest equipment in action.

The 100th PGA Championship Celebration and Panel Discussion featuring Davis Love III and John Daly, will take place on January 24th and be moderated by Julius Mason of the PGA of America.

The Digital and Communication Landscape in Golf will be a panel discussion featuring Greg Norman discussing the advances in communicating with consumers utilizing the latest technology throughout the golf experience.

Michael Breed will lead a discussion on Building Your Teaching and Coaching Business. He will be joined by a panel of leading golf professionals providing valuable insight on how to grow your business.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation, Technology, and Enhanced Guest Experiences at Topgolf will feature the Topgolf Executive Chairman Erik Anderson, and other executives at Topgolf, sharing tips for improving your business for you, your employees, and your customers.

Whatever part of the business you need growth in, the PGA Merchandise show provides the perfect opportunity to solidify and grow your resources, enhance your brand, and improve the experience for you and your customers.