The foreUP Customer Referral Program

Many of our new clients come from an existing client’s referral. So, since we are already getting referrals from you (our clients), we have created a simpler, more exciting referral program.

It’s Not Chump Change!

Referring customers will automatically be sent a $500 gift card, and entered into any promotional contest under way. As of May 1, 2020, we have an introductory contest going with exciting prices for the most referrals, as well as random drawings, until June 1st, 2020.

You get these perks no matter how many demos have to do with your referral, how long it takes, or how small the contract.


If you’re a foreUP customer, read the information below to learn more about referring a friend or colleague. We promise to take excellent care of them!

If you’re not a foreUP customer and you still made it this far, take a demo! We’ll give you the $500 gift card instead when you sign up before June 1st, 2020.

Why a Referral Program

We decided in the very beginning that investing in our product was a better business model than dumping money into marketing and sales.Clarksville Country Club_Capterra Review

And it’s paid off! As anyone who has tried to use a competing software can attest, our platform is the most complete feature set. It has the most functionality, and the biggest breadth of tools, of any other course management program on the market.

But, in order to continue investing in our software, we have to keep getting new clients. This is why we focus on word of mouth business.

Referring Just Requires Sending a Link

Sharing foreUP has never been easier with our new program. Simply:

  • click on the top right drop down box in your software
  • click on “Referral Program”
  • copy and paste the link that pops up automatically
  • share the link with anyone you want to refer

screenshot referralWhen you submit referrals this way our system tracks it automatically, so—when your referral becomes a customer—you’re immediately sent your $500 thank-you gift card! (See more detailed instructions below.)

PLUS Prizes & Drawings

We’re kicking things off with a contest that will go from Monday, April 27th, through July 31st.

Drawing: For every one of your referrals who completes a demo with one of our professionals, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a new 4k AppleTV.


1st Place: Apple AirPods 2nd Place: $500 Amazon Card
starbucks-egift-card appletv
3rd Place: Starbucks Gift Card Drawing Prize: 4K Apple TV

Placement Prices:

Pictured Instructions

1.  Go to the top right drop down and click “Referral Program”


2. Your custom referral code will pop up. Remember, this code is 100% unique to you.

screenshot referral

3. Copy the link, and share it with however many people you want!

Tips for Getting Referrals

In helping us in this effort, you’re actively enabling us to spend our money on making our product better for you.

In case you need some talking points, here are some highlights we are proud of:

  • We’re the most complete cloud-based software on the market.
  • We rapidly created tools to allow courses to operate according to social distancing rules.
  • We have the best support. Our team answers incoming requests quickly, and have 95% satisfaction ratings in post-call surveys.
  • We power big courses like Torrey and Beth Page, but also serve more local courses than any other cloud-based software.
  • We invest in our product; we will never stop making the software better for you.
  • More courses have chosen us during this unprecedented time than any other software.
  • We love this industry. We are committed to doing what is best for the industry and our customers, rather than just what’s best for us.

Become a Referring Customer Today!

We think this is a perfect time to help your friends and colleagues move over to a smarter solution, and get paid for helping them. Go to your software, grab your link, and send it out to someone.

Questions: Email to speak with our Referral Program Manager.