The Difference Cloud-Based Golf POS Makes

With so many people visiting your golf course to get some fresh air and exercise as well as to socialize with friends or make business deals on the greens, you want to make things as easy as possible for them.

What’s called for is a state-of-the-art point of sale system that works harder for you and speeds up transactions.

With that in mind, business owners in all types of industries are coming to see the positive aspects of using cloud-based software. Benefits of installing a cloud-based golf POS include reduced operating costs and ease of customization when you update products or services. Making things easier for people at the point of sale also helps to encourage customer loyalty.

About Cloud Computing

You don’t need to be a computer scientist to understand the basics of cloud computing, as it relates to action on the golf course and sales you make in your clubhouse.

Cloud computing is a term for a system that uses online servers to store data and run software from remote, instead of using your own local computer system to store and run applications.

The cloud computing professionals monitor the system 24/7/365. They are responsible for keeping it updated with the latest security patches against criminal hackers.

That’s one less hassle for you to worry about. And consider that taking your system offline to update it yourself can interfere with operations or force your staff to work late into the night. Leave those problems behind you with a cloud-based solution.

Scale Your Computer System as Your Business Increases

With business booming, you want to offer more amenities to your customers. Increasing sales opportunities is probably high on your to-do list. That’s not a problem when you have a cloud-based POS in place. It’s trivial to set up a new snack bar for when guests want to take a quick break on your course, for example.

Perhaps you are hiring new sales staff to accommodate growth in customers. You can install more registers, and they will connect to the cloud POS system immediately.

Integrating With the Rest of Your Course’s Software Systems

Making it easy for people to buy things is only part of the picture. Your cloud-based golf POS will also integrate with other crucial applications already in place. So your online golf tee time booking system can connect with the system handling the sales for a friction-free customer experience.

Access Live Data About Your Golf Course From Any Location

Maybe you are out of town at a trade convention, or perhaps you need to work from a home office periodically. Work-at-home setups have increased with people aiming to stay socially distant during the coronavirus pandemic.

Even if you are a workaholic who never wants to leave the golf course, eventually you will have to take time off for a vacation but will want to check in from remote.

You can still keep in touch with what’s happening at the golf course, thanks to your cloud-based POS. Effectively, you have a mobile inventory and POS system that you can access on the go. A laptop, tablet, or smartphone is all that’s needed to check the latest details from any point on the planet with internet access.

Change Your Restaurant Offerings on the Fly

Think of the steps you have to go through now to make simple changes, such as when your chef adds new meals to the menu or you plan to offer some new fancy drinks to order at the bar.

A cook will want to change the menu according to the seasonal availability of ingredients and what you happen to have in stock that night when you’re planning for the next day’s crowd.

Since a cloud system is instantly updatable, you can be more flexible with what you offer to guests.

Easier to Update

You would rather not have to invest in hiring a full-time Information Technology person when you can outsource the all-important IT functions to third-party professionals instead. Indeed, a cloud-based POS is easier to update.

Significant software changes occur in the background automatically. This allows you always to have access to the latest and best version of the software. Your staff doesn’t need to do a thing. The update just appears the next time employees start ringing up sales.

Immunity From Local Computer Failures

No golf course will be immune to natural disasters or catastrophic hard drive failures on the premises. This is why so many golf course owners and operators prefer a cloud-based solution. The reason is simple: You no longer have to be concerned that your system will go down, such as during a major weather event or other emergencies.

If your local computers crash, you need access to a backup immediately so you can get back up and running. With a cloud-based POS, you always have access to the data.

There are multiple backups of your information in different geographic locations from your cloud computing services provider, so even if they have an issue in one data center, the system will automatically fall over to use one of the online backups. You shouldn’t notice a thing under such circumstances. The system will continue running, thanks to access to redundant copies of your data.

Try foreUP’s POS

It’s already hard to find enough time in the day to take care of all that’s needed to run the golf course. But setting up a cloud-based golf POS will make things go more smoothly for the staff and customers.

We are standing by to assist you in evaluating and setting up your own cloud-based golf POS. Request a demo or get in touch with foreUP today.