The Biggest UPdates You Missed this Month

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New Products:

Document UploaderHave you seen the new Document Uploader that can now be accessed from the Customers screen? Stop saving paper files, or rummaging through folders on your computer to find important documents that pertain to individual customers. Scan and save them right to their account for quick access!

Read more on the Document Uploader in THIS post.

Receipt - 01

New Features: 

Print or Email Receipts via the Customer Portal 

No longer will you have to print off receipts for customers who need the receipt for reimbursement or to see what their charges are from, they can do that themselves.

Hide Item Kit Breakdown on Receipts 

Ever wanted to just sell an item kit and not have your customers question the price of every item that makes up the item kit? Now you can hide those items but maintain the integrity of solid/detailed reporting.

Helpful Tips: 

Using the Resource Center

Make sure you pay attention to the little Question mark in the lower-left corner to learn more about new features, product updates, bug fixes. This resource center is also your go-to place to learn about how to use the software, with FAQ, tips, and tricks, as well as live chat resources so you can talk directly with our support team via chat.

Read more on the blog post HERE.

New resource center

Requests for Feedback

As we plan, build, and implement new features and additions to foreUP it is critical for us to hear from the people actually using our software every day. Below are a few specific feedback requests that will help us create a product that is as perfect as it can be for the way our tools are used.

Promotions: In an effort to build out the best promotions module, we want to hear what kind of promotions you currently run, and what types of promotions you wish you could run for your facility. Contact our Promotions product manager, Christian, with any thoughts you are willing to share.

Memberships or Subscriptions: We want to know what types of memberships you’d be interested in building. Contact the Memberships & Subscriptions product manager, Christian, with any feedback you have.

Tee Sheet Updates: We are currently in the discovery phase for updates to the Tee Sheet. We want to give every customer the opportunity to have their voice heard in regard to what would make the Tee Sheet better. Email our Tee Sheet product manager, Matty, to schedule a meeting.


neon-170182_640Upcoming Things to Get Excited About

  • Happy Hour Discounts
  • Subscription-Type Passes
  • Value Added Items to Tee Times
  • Back 9 Booking
  • Online Booking Timeframe Management
  • 27 Hole Rotation Management
  • Split Tees Management

Upcoming Events

Webinar Wednesday: RevTech 

Wednesday, March 18 2020 at 10:00 AM (MST)

Tom Barnhart, RevTech founder and CEO, has a wealth of knowledge related to optimizing your pricing to make the most out of every tee time. In this webinar, Tom will give you action-ready ideas to plan for dynamic pricing all season.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (MST)

(Miss the last webinar? Read the recap or watch the replay of our webinar, How to Get Remarkable Results with ACH.)

ACH Webinar