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The 411 on foreUP and 3rd Party Tee Time Booking Engines

Recently, there has been some confusion surrounding whether or not foreUP has relationships with 3rd party booking engines. And, if so, what that relationship entails.

We’ve put together an FAQ to clear up questions or concerns our customers, and future customers, may have.

What kind of relationship does foreUP have with aggregate tee time booking companies?

foreUP has limited integrations with some third party service providers. In other words, our developers have created APIs for our customers who are already using those 3rd party tee time booking services.

An API simply allows two separate softwares to safely communicate in the background.

What is an API?

An API allows two separate companies to communicate with each other in the background. Essentially, that background communication automates an otherwise manual process.

Why create API integrations for our customers at all?

These have been created AS PROMPTED by our customers who feel they need these aggregate sites in order to book additional tee times.

Our intent is only to better serve you by simplifying any of your existing business processes, and ensuring that your business data stays inside your business.

What does a foreUP API integration do?

The API enables communication from the aggregate site to foreUP. It allows tee times booked through these 3rd party booking engines, (if you choose to use one,) to automatically sync with your course’s tee sheet, eliminating the need to insert those tee times manually.

Is foreUP partnered with any tee time distribution providers?

No. Creating API integrations does NOT mean we are partnered or otherwise associated with these companies.

Which sites can foreUP integrate with?

Some 3rd parties we have built APIs for include:

  • Tee-Off
  • Golf 18 Network
  • Golf Book
  • Golf Now
  • Golf Pipeline

Will the 3rd party provider be able to access my golfer information?

Our APIs are built to hide your customer’s emails from the 3rd party site, so they WILL NOT be able to export lists of your customers and market to them.

Will my course’s tee times start to appear on 3rd party sites?

No. 3rd party integrations are only applicable to if you’re already working with that 3rd party.

You will not be opted-in to anything, and none of your tee times will appear on sites like GolfNow without express written permission from you.

Do you recommend using 3rd party tee time distributors?

Our 3rd party APIs have been created solely for customers already working with these companies, who need to protect their data and streamline their operations.

We are not soliciting or encouraging any of our customers to start using a 3rd party service provider.

We hope this clears up any confusion you may have surrounding how foreUP is associated with 3rd party tee time distribution companies. If you have questions, we encourage you to email, call, or chat with us and we’ll be happy to offer clarification.