New Document Uploader: Focused Customer Management

We’re excited to announce a great new enhancement to the Customers section of your foreUP platform: Document Uploader!

This feature was a request from a customer who wanted a more personalized way to manage customer information.

This blog post will answer some basic questions about this new feature, but if you have questions you can reach out to your Account Manager or foreUP support.

What is Document Uploader?

Our new Document Uploader allows you to upload and attach individual documents to a specific customer in your foreUP system, so you have immediate access to important information without searching through files.

Why Document Uploader?

This new tool makes it easier to pay close attention to individual customers so you’re able to keep better track and avoid things slipping through the cracks such as:

  • Membership Records
  • Contracts
  • Event Planning Arrangements

Meet Customer NeedsMany businesses want to digitize and easily manage all of their operations in one place. Document Uploader makes it much easier to keep track of things, but it also saves time when you don’t have to search through cabinets or computer folders.

Say HELLO to an updated, paperless way of staying on top of every customers’ needs.

document uploader in foreup software for customres

How Does Document Uploader Work?

Within any one of your Customers you’ll find a Documents tab. Once there, just drag and drop it in.

Stepped away from the office? No problem! Simply scan, or take a picture of the document and you are all set to upload it to the customer’s profile.


When Would I Use This?

Typical types of stored documents include:

  1. Membership forms
  2. Wedding contracts and details
  3. Floor layouts for a wedding event
  4. Tournament contracts
  5. Specialty purchase orders

Privacy Rule

Privacy Tip: Don’t upload any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) documents that belong to your employees or customers in the foreuP Documents Tab. PII documents can include: (social security information, tax information, etc.)

Take event planning, for example.

We know that event planning is more than just a headcount and price tag. There is a lot of communication and coordination that goes into the event process.

Club Event PlanningDocuments Uploader makes it simple to store notes, plans, and event information in a location that can be easily accessed by any employee that needs the information.

Focus more on customer engagement. 

We are eager to see the many benefits this feature has to offer that will help digitize your business even more!