day 1 inventory categories

Lockdown of Inventory Category Creation

On the first day of gifts, we give you an added layer of control for your inventory categorization settings.

In foreUP you can very easily create DepartmentsCategories, and Subcategories.

Though this ability has a lot of valuable benefits, it can also lead to multiple variations of the same created departments, categories, or sub categories.

Example: Jeff creates an item and assigns it to the Food & Beverage department. But with the next receivings, Jessica enters these new inventory items into the Food and Beverage category.

While both are close, they will be reported in different departments; one, coming from the Food & Beverage department, and one coming from the Pro Shop as a Food & Beverage categorized item.

To prevent these user errors, a course can now lock down the creation of new departments, categories, or subcategories to admins only. This will allow a course to keep their business organized and in order.